Khan Explains SKT's Daily Schedule and Picks the Most OP Champion in the History of LoL


SK Telecom T1 defeated Hanwha Life Esports to extend their winning streak to three. After becoming the Rift Rivals champions alongside the other LCK teams, SKT's performance back in the summer split was outstanding. Among the players, Kim "Khan" Dong-ha was back at his old self playing Aatrox and Jayce. After the match, we spoke to Khan for a video interview.



Congrats on today’s win! What we’re going to talk about today is what SKT does during the day; when you wake up, when you eat, when you sleep... since a lot of fans around the world are curious.

- Okay.


Now, you’ve seen this before right?

- Oh yeah, when I was in school, I often drew what I would do during the vacation on that.


This is twenty-four hours of a day. You can draw the daily schedule, and we can talk about it. Should we start with when you get up?

- We get up here...


At 11 AM?

- We mostly get up around 11:30-11:40 and we have to arrive in the practice room by 12.


You get up, wash up, and get in your seat by 12.

- Yes. From 12 to 1, we use the time to get to our senses. We go to the bathroom… The team house and practice room are separate. So we arrive by then, and from here… Since scrims start at 1, we spend the time having feedback on the day before or talk about games to come.


You would get to your senses by then.

- Yes. From one to four or five o’clock, we would scrim. It’s sometimes different though.


With other teams.

- Yes. And from five to seven...


You draw well.

- Yes yes. Here we have a meal, and rest.

Is that your first meal? You would be hungry.

- There are meals for us before twelve o’clock, but we mostly choose to sleep, so we usually don’t eat then. Then it’s scrims until 10 PM. After this, it’s different each day; sometimes when we have night scrims, we have a meal. Other than that, we practice or stream.


Free night time.

- Yes. We can’t go out, so we usually spend that time for individual practice. Mostly, we don’t go later than 4 AM with practice. And then would be sleep time. I think we mostly fall asleep around 5:30, if we play with our phones and stuff.


Falling asleep when the sun comes up.

- Yup. This is the day of SKT.


You get about five and a half hours of sleep.

- Yes.


The practice time before you go to bed can differ according to your condition, right?

- Yes. If we’re in a bad condition, it’s alright to go to bed at two. On average, we practice up to 3-4 o’clock.


Do the players mostly practice till late?

- Of course. When I first joined SKT, I was really surprised that players like Faker or Mata practices so hard until that late, even though they have already accomplished so much.


How would the ratio between scrims and individual practice be?

- During the season, we scrim a lot more. We don’t even have much time to play solo queue. From 4 to 7, we play solo queue only if we have extra time.


What do you usually practice in solo queue?

- I try out champions that I am to use in scrims.


Trying them out in solo queue first, and then scrims. How they would do against other pro players?

- Yes. And if I want to climb, I play solo queue with champions I am good at. A lot of stuff.


You play about six to seven scrims a day?

- Yes. If we have night scrims, more than that.


Other than that, do you watch VODs? Maybe VODs of your next opponent?

- For VODs, we watch them after scrims during break time or before we go to bed. I heard that Mata always watches other regions before he goes to bed.


So there isn’t a specific time, you just watch them whenever you have time.

- Whenever we have time. It’s not fixed at a certain time of the day to watch them.


Do you watch your own VODs often?

- Yes, I watch games that we played a lot. Other than that, I watch cartoons or the news.


How much time do you spend on watching your own VODs?

- I don’t watch the whole thing; only details. It would take about 30-40 minutes a day.


Do you look up stat sites as well? Like which player played which champion or how a certain champion’s win rate is?

- Yeah. We look it up while I play solo queue and during scrim time as well.


While waiting for the queue.

- Of course. Whenever I have time.


Does it help a lot?

- I think knowing helps a lot more than not knowing.


You said you practice mainly with your own champions when you practice alone. What do you concentrate on when you scrim with your teammates?

- In scrims, we practice what to use in matches, and we practice what to play in scrims during solo queue. It’s all connected like that.


Then mostly the champion teamfights in real matches.

- Yes, more like the actual games.


Lastly, a slightly different topic: What’s Khan’s most OP champion in the history of LoL?

- Most OP in the history of LoL? Camille when she first came out.


Designed by CertainlyT?

- Yes. Camille, when she was first released, was insanely strong. It was a must-take pick and you had to ban her from the red team no matter what. That, and Ryze.


Ryze of when?

- Season 6? 7? The Ryze where Faker carried at Worlds. Ryze was too... too strong.


Then Faker is...

- The beneficiary. But since no one did that, he’s also a pioneer.


There was no one that could do that too.

- True.


Anyways, we were able to see SKT’s schedule. Thanks for the enjoyable interview today.

- Thank you.


It seems time goes faster talking to you.


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