SKT Faker: "I hope Round 2 would be a chance to have revenge against the teams that beat us in Round 1."

On the 10th (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. As of this win, SKT is now on a 3-game winning streak. During the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok performed extremely well on LeBlanc and Akali, and was voted as the MVP for both games.


The following is an interview with Faker.


Congratulations on today’s win! How do you feel?


I was determined to win 2-0 today and I’m very satisfied that we did so.

It hasn’t been long after Rift Rivals. Wasn’t it hard to maintain your condition?


LCK started a bit earlier than I thought it would. Still, our team had time to rest regularly so we were able to maintain our condition and performance as well.

In Game 1, you picked your signature pick, LeBlanc, but it was the first time you picked her this summer.


Our pick was aiming for the late game so I wanted to balance our team comp. I did pick LeBlanc for the first time this season; I’ve played so many champions so it wouldn’t be awkward to play any champion.

How was the Baron steal situation?


Teddy first saw they were trying Baron. As for the steal, we hadn’t stolen Baron in a while, so I thought he won’t be able to steal. It was fortunate that we did. The teamfight situation was heavily favorable for us, so it all went well.

Although Clid stole Baron, in the comms, no one really praised him. Are you strict on compliments?


In those situations, even if he did well, we often say that he did bad so that he wouldn’t get too excited. (Laughs) In today’s game, everybody got tense and a bit excited; I think we should play more calmly.

In Game 2, everyone got their hands on comfort picks. What did you talk about with your teammates after the picks & bans?


Rather than our draft, how we play was more important. We did get comfort picks, but we thought more about how we would play.

You picked Akali after seeing the opponent’s Azir.


It could be a bit difficult in the early game, but it seemed that it would be better for the team if I played a champion that can go in.

In the last fight, your teammates were preparing a teamfight, but you rather went for the 1v1 against Azir.


I saw Azir had used his E; since our position was really good, we were going to have a teamfight, but I saw that I can kill Azir for sure, so I went for the kill and did.

Although SKT went through a hard time early in the season, you’re now on a 3-game winning streak. It seems that your ‘prophesy’ about winning 13 straight games is coming true. What has improved within the team?


I think everything is being improved. As much as everyone is doing better in all parts, it wouldn’t be right to just pick one. The teamwork is good. I just hope that we can continue the streak longer.

Now you’re heading into Round 2. Any resolutions?


Our Round 1 results are really bad. I hope Round 2 would be a chance to have revenge against the teams that beat us in Round 1. Thank you to all the fans for your support.

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