Gigantamaxing, Gym Leaders and four new Pokémon revealed in Monday trailer



▲ Gigantamaxing will make its' debut in Pokémon Sword and Shield.


On Monday morning, Pokémon's official Twitter and Youtube accounts released a new video for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games set to launch on November 15. In it, fans were introduced to two Gym Leaders they will have to face in their journey, four new Pokémon companions and a never-before-seen mechanic that causes a bit of a growth spurt.



New Pokémon


The video wastes very little time getting right into what long-time fans of the franchise want to see: new Pokémon.



It didn't take long for fans to fall in love with one in particular...








In previous videos, The Pokémon Company revealed the ability for trainers to "Dynamax" their companions in a battle to change their size and strength. Well, today it was shown that you can go even further than that by Gigantamaxing them. Eligible to certain creatures, Gigantamaxing allows Pokés to become even larger, change their appearance and gain access to a G-Max Move, similar to Z-Moves in past games.


When Alcremie Gigantamaxes, she becomes a multi-tiered cake (shown in top photo) with an attitude.


Game-exclusive Gym Leaders


The final bit of news revealed were two new Gym Leaders, Allister and Bea. Ghost-type and Fighting-type gym owners, respectively, the two will not be featured in both games, according to Pokémon's Twitter account after the video went live, a first for the franchise.



As November 15 approaches, fans are slowly but surely getting more and more information to quench their Pokémon thirst.


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