[TFT Strategy] How to Utilize Your Spatula

Doy, Spatula plus Splatula makes Force of Nature which allows me to put another champion on my board, and you can make champions into origins or classes they are not. Obvious. But you need to plan what to do with your Spatula before you pick it up.

When you get your hands on a Spatula, you sometimes don’t know what to do with it. You’d think you’ll get another Spatula and finish Force of Nature, but things don’t always go as planned. So here are some ways to resolve that problem.


Youmuu’s GhostbladeSpatula + B.F. Sword : Wearer is also an Assassin

When your rerolls have many Assassins coming up, you might as well use your Spatula to make Youmuu’s Ghostblade. Youmuu’s turns your non-assassin champions into an Assassin, which means this champion will leap to the opposite side with all your other Assassins. This is really effective when you’re doing the Ninja-Assassin comp. You can have Kennen or Shen jump along with your Akali and Zed. Other than those, you can have Cho’Gath or Sejuani dive in and cast their CC right where it’s needed: in the middle of your opponent’s area.


Blade of the Ruined KingSpatula + Recurve Bow : Wearer is also a Blademaster

Blademasters have a 35% chance to strike additional times each attack. If you have 3 Blademasters, it’s one attack, and if you have 6, it’s two attacks. This is actually where Draven shines. Every additional attack stack along with his skill and if he has a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, that stacks as well. However, Blademasters aren’t as common; it’s difficult to collect all six of them. So, you can simply turn one of your auto-attack-based DPS champions into a Blademaster. Usually, my picks are Vayne (+Nobles), Ashe (+Glacials), and Tristana (+Gunslingers).


YuumiSpatula + Needlessly Large Rod : Wearer is also a Sorcerer

Sorcerers have the most number of champions with 7. However, it’s not always a piece of cake fitting the Sorcerers in your comp. When you’re trying to have 6 Sorcerers with 4 Wilds, you need to have 9 champions on the board, which is possible… but not as easy. Especially in the early game, if you want to activate the 3 Sorcerer synergy, Yuumi is very useful. Make sure to remember when you equip a champion with Yuumi, there’s +20 AP from the Needlessly Large Rod and the fact that Sorcerers gain double mana from attacks. Equip Yuumi to champions with skills that deal damage.


DarkinSpatula + Tear of the Goddess : Wearer is also a Demon

As Demons have been buffed, it feels that there are more players attempting the Demon comp. It’s frustrating when your front line is denied from mana, becoming useless. The Demon comp is one of the hardest comps to utilize due to its high-cost champions. Fortunately, the ability is activated with 2, 4, 6 champions. If you make your Graves into a Demon and place him in the front line, he’ll be draining enemies’ mana a lot, because he can hit multiple targets at once. Not that many Demons are necessary. When you’re going with a comp that includes a Demon, you can simply add one more with Darkin to create an extra synergy. In this case, if you’re aiming for 6 Blademasters, it’s quite effective.


Knight’s VowSpatula + Chain Vest : Wearer is also a Knight

Knights are quite underrated, but there’s a reason why. 2 Knights are good in the early game, 4 would be alright, but 6 would be overinvestment. You need to deal damage to win in this game, so make other ones that go better with your comp than Knight’s Vow. It can come in handy though, if you have no other synergies to add than Knight. If you really want to use it, I’d recommend using it with the Noble comp.


Runaan’s HurricaneSpatula + Negatron Cloak : Attacks 2 extra targets (50% damage) on attack.

This is the only item in the Spatula tree that doesn’t grant your champion an extra class... or an extra slot. It’s quite useful to most of your DPS champions, although the extra attacks do not activate any of the passive on-hit abilities. A decent choice when you have to use your Spatula in a hurry; in critical situations where you might die if you don’t equip another item on your champions. Seems to go best on Draven with Blademasters or Tristana with Gunslingers.


Frozen MalletSpatula + Giant’s Belt : Wearer is also a Glacial

The Glacial comp is one of the strongest compositions in this game. By using this, you can turn other champions to a Glacial… and start freezing your opponents with champs with Frozen Mallet equipped as well. Frozen Mallet is useful when equipped on a Ranger or a Gunslinger. If you’re going for the 4 or 6 Glacial comp, I suggest equipping your Frozen Mallet on a Ranger and use it alongside Ashe.


Force of NatureSpatula + Spatula : Gain +1 team size

What more can you do? Gather up two Spatulas and put an extra champion on the board. There's one extra tip: you don’t necessarily need to equip your Force of Nature on a champion that’s on the board. You can put a useless champion at the edge of your bench, equipped with Force of Nature and it’ll still grant you the +1 team size.

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    level 1 lampig

    I don't know how many players know about this, but if you pick a champion during the carousel round while both your board and your bench are full, this champion will fight on the battlefield even if you're past the champion limit.

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