Watch challenges to become a Streamer of Kongdoo Company


On January 18th (local time), the Kongdoo Company announced that they have been planning to start streaming on a global platform with the former League of Legends gamer Jaegeol "Watch" Jo.

Watch joined OnGameNet Sparkyz in 2008 and started his career as a professional StarCraft: Brood War gamer. In June 2012, he joined NaJin Black Sword, making his debut as a pro League of Legends player.

Since then, he has been active in both domestic and international leagues, including LCK and Worlds. In 2015, he moved to ZTR Gaming and retired on January 18th, 2017.

From the early days of the LoL competitive scene, Watch showed steady skills and was beloved by many eSports fans. Now he will wrap up his 5 years of League of Legends and plans to meet his Korean fans as a streamer of the Kondoo Company. Additionally, relying on his experience in China, he is also planning to promote global streaming through popular platforms in China.

The Kongdoo Company said that they are planning to provide support for global platform contracts, advertising contracts, and professional interpreter placement, so that Watch can act as a global streamer. They will also be working on the public relations and broadcasting coordination as well.

Gyungjong "Shark" Seo, CEO of the Kongdoo Company, said "It is the first time we're recruiting a retired professional LoL gamer. The Kongdoo Company will take care of Watch's management in regard to accounting and legal issues that may arise from working as a streamer."

▲ Watch's video interview

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