[Rift Rivals] KZ Deft: "TusiN and I are confident against every other bot lane this tournament"

On the 5th of July, Rift Rivals: LCK/LPL/LMS/VCS Group Stage Day 2 took place. The first match of the day featured Kingzone DragonX and MAD Team, and KZ took the victory with dominating fashion. This is KZ's second win, and they've further pushed the LCK's lead this tournament.

The following is the press interview that took place after Kingzone's victory. 

(To Head Coach Hirai) Tell us how you feel about your victory today.

Hirai: I'm very happy that we've won. The other three LCK teams are very strong - I'm glad that we're being a help to them. We'll continue to do our best for the remaining matches. 

(To Naehyun) How does it feel playing against the players from the other regions?

Naehyun: I was worried at first, as every team competing at RR is very strong. I solely focused on doing my basic duties as a mid laner. I'm glad that everything is working out.

(To Naehyun) You're filling in for PawN. Do you feel any pressure/stress in having to fill in for him?

Naehyun: I definitely felt pressure, but my teammates have been performing well, and the coaches have been taking really good care of me. 

(To Deft) You've been favoring the armor penetration Varus build. Why?

Deft: 'Poke Varus' is a pick that I often play whenever I get the chance. It has a very strong laning phase, and it can easily snowball and force out a siege situation in the early-to-mid game, allowing you to easily win the game. 

(To Deft) You and TusiN have been showing strong performance against the other bot duos this tournament. How confident are you?

Deft: TusiN and I are confident against every other bot lane this tournament. Our team has been drafting a stronger bot lane composition against the other teams, and our mid-jungle-top have also been winning their lanes, giving TusiN and I an easier time to pressure our lane opponents. 

(To TusiN) Yuumi is currently a must pick/ban champion. What's your opinion of her?

TusiN: Yuumi doesn't have a solid counter. She's also very strong during the laning phase. It's very likely that she'll continue to either be picked or banned for the remainder of this tournament.

(To Cuzz) Why is jungle Sylas so popular this tournament?

Cuzz: Jungle Sylas can become really strong depending on the opposing team's composition. He also has a solid skill set, and can effectively run Aftershock. I think that's why a lot of teams are employing jungle Sylas this tournament.

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