The latest Dota Underlords update sweeps through with big reworks, new items and live scoreboards

It was an odd change of pace. After tweaking Dota Underlords almost every other day since the game's open beta launch, Valve took a break for a week. However, it seems that the changes they wanted to implement have stacked up, because the latest patch is a big one. Two Alliances received reworks, items were changed and the win/loss streaks received some changes.

For warlocks, the game has changed quite drastically. Whereas meeting the Alliance's requirements previously provided all allied units with a certain percentage of lifesteal, the effect now establishes a link between a warlock and the lowest-health friendly hero.

Both the warlock and the linked hero then heal for the damage done by either one of them, making them a draining duo of epic destruction. For Shamans the Alliance synergy was altered too: it now requires 3 shamans to pull off and instead of insta-hexing an enemy, all enemies now generate -200% mana when affected by stuns, hexes or silences.

Where's my money?

A key gameplay element was changed as well: win and loss streak bonuses. One of the more advanced techniques to master, said streaks allowed experienced players to accumulate a big stash of gold when executed correctly. Loss streaks have been reduced in power: you get 2 gold at max for losing (though it still happens only after losing 5 or more times in a row).

The maxixum amount of gold you can earn from win streaks has been upped by 1, but a limitation has been brought into place. Previously, after getting to 7 wins, players would earn 3 gold as a bonus and continue to be rewarded that amount for each consecutive win after. There now is an 8 win streak bonus of 4 gold, though your streak is reset immediately after, meaning you have to start from the beginning again.

In-game leaderboard and global rankings

A much desired feature has been made accessible with the patch as well: a live overview of the heroes each player has on board, which items they have in their arsenal and which heroes they have on the bench. This was added to Drodo Studio's mod Dota Auto Chess a few month into the game's existence, and was met with great enthusiasm.

But that's not the only type of leaderboard that has been added. On the Underlords website a new rank has been added: Lord of White Spire. This is a live, global leaderboard on which the absolute best of the best Dota Underlords players will be shown.

Full patch notes:

  • Added Scoreboard. Defaults to TAB on the PC.
  • Added Leaderboards. Welcome, Lords of White Spire.
  • Further lighting tweaks to the board to brighten it up.
  • Update Notes can now be found from inside the game.
  • Season Info: Heroes’ Ability info now shows damage type
  • New Kill Streak FX.
  • Unit VO is now spatialized (Audio will closely match where the unit is located).
  • Enabled additional sounds in unit combat.
  • Yo, Reddit: Versus, Round Over and Round Start screens will close on any non-UI click or ESC keypress.
  • Yo, Reddit: Versus, Round Over and Round Start screens won't appear if the user is dragging units or items.
  • Many UI improvements have been done.
  • Added description of how the Hero Pool works to the Season Info UI.
  • Hero stat changes from basic items is now shown during combat as well during preparing.
  • Fixed Terrorblade Rank 2 and Rank 3 not updating his model after casting Metamorphosis.

  • Added Battery Status.
  • Fixed play/pause buttons disappearing.
  • Added Tap to Move option: For those who like to tap to place instead of dragging on the board.
  • Added Battery Saver mode.
  • Can now query a hero's ability from the shop.
  • More performance improvements.

  • Fixed Demon Hunters not doing their jobs and leaving enemy demons with their buff on.
  • Fixed Techies planting their bomb in the wrong location.
  • Fixed all known AI Pathing issues.
  • Level 9: Tier 2 odds 30% -> 25%, Tier 3 odds 25% -> 30%
  • Level 11: Tier 1 odds 10% -> 13%, Tier 2 odds 15% -> 20%, Tier 3 odds 30% -> 25%, Tier 5 odds 15% -> 12%
  • Round will continue for another second once the last unit dies, giving the other team a chance for a last minute kill to force a draw.

Reworked Streaks:
  • Lose streak gold:
      • 3-4 losses – 1 gold
      • 5-6 losses – 2 gold
      • 7+ losses – 3 gold
      • 3-4 losses – 1 gold
      • 5+ losses – 2 gold
  • Win streaks gold:
      • 3-4 wins – 1 gold
      • 5-6 wins – 2 gold
      • 7+ wins – 3 gold
      • 3-4 wins – 1 gold
      • 5-6 wins – 2 gold
      • 7 wins – 3 gold
      • 8 wins – 4 gold
  • Win streaks reset at 8 wins.

Item Changes:
  • Added Force Staff: Tier 3 Support Item - Push an enemy unit 6 cells in a random direction. (10s cooldown)
  • Added Scythe of Vyse: Tier 4 Support Item - When the equipped hero takes damage, transform the offending unit into a pig for 4s. (15s cooldown)
  • Added Big-Time Contract: Tier 2 Support Item - Equipped unit is Blood-bound in addition to its other types.
  • Silver Lining: Now reads "Get 1 charge when you win a fight. When you lose a fight, if charges remain, get 1 gold and lose 1 charge."
  • Shaman Pluck: Chance increased from 5% to 17%.
  • Blink Dagger:
    • Now generates 50 mana when activated.
    • Cooldown reduced from 60s to 15s.
  • Tooth and Claw: Fixed not stacking correctly.
  • Coordinated Assault: It should be truly coordinated since it actually works now.

Hero Changes:
  • Medusa:
    • Split Shot:
      • Now applies item effects on secondary shots.
  • Lycan:
    • Summon Wolves:
      • Fixed not applying health buff correctly.
  • Venomancer:
    • Health increased from [500, 1000, 2000] to [550, 1100, 2200]
    • Summon Plague Ward:
      • Summon Count increased from 1 Ward to [1, 2, 4] Wards.
      • Ward is always Rank 1.
      • Cast Point reduced from 0.5s to 0.13s.
      • Cooldown increased from 5 to [5, 6, 7].
      • Wards have 50% magic resistance.
  • Disruptor:
    • Alliances changed from Brawny Shaman to Brawny Shaman Warlock.
    • Static Storm:
      • Also blinds the targets inside the cloud for a 25% miss chance.
  • Mr. Warlock:
    • Shadow Word:
      • Cast Point reduced from 0.5s to 0.4s.
      • Cooldown reduced from 20s to 6s.
      • Damage from [ 100, 150, 200 ] to [ 50, 100, 150 ].
      • Heal from [ 75, 150, 200 ] to [ 50, 125, 175 ].
      • Duration from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.

Alliance Changes:
  • Warlock:
    • Now reads: Whenever a Warlock casts a spell, they form a link with the Ally who has the lowest health for 3 seconds. When either linked hero deals damage, both units are healed [50, 100, 150]% of the damage dealt.
  • Shaman:
    • Now requires 3 Shamans (up from 2).
    • Now reads: Enemies affected by Hexes, Silences or Stuns will generate -200% mana when attacked.

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