[Rift Rivals] SKT Khan: "If I had to pick an MVP for today, I would pick Faker since I stole a lot of his MVPs."

On the 4th (KST), the opening match of the 2019 Rift Rivals between SK Telecom T1 and Flash Wolves was held. The game was quite one-sided as SK Telecom T1 dominated their opponent all over the map. After the match, SK Telecom T1 was interviewed in the conference room and they spoke about their first match and their remaining matches.


(To Faker and Teddy) How do you feel about today’s win?


Faker: As much as it was the opening match, we felt a bit pressured. As the 1st seed team, we won, so I’m satisfied. Through our victory, other teams may be able to deliver even better performances.


Teddy: I’m happy that we did well and I’ll do my best to do well in the remaining matches.

(To Clid) You picked Sylas in the jungle which is being picked often in solo ranked.


Clid: The results from solo ranked and scrims were pretty good. I tried it a few times and it felt right, so I used him.

What are some strengths of playing Sylas in the jungle compared to solo lanes?


Clid: We would have an advantage in picks and bans since he can be used in top, jungle, and mid. Personally, I think he’s more efficient in the jungle.

(To Khan) Who would you pick as the MVP for today’s match?


Khan: To name one person for MVP, it would be one player that contributed to the team’s victory the most, but all five of us played really well so it’s hard to pick one. If I had to pick an MVP for today, I would pick Faker since I stole a lot of his MVPs.


Faker: I also think that I was the MVP.

(To Faker) Compared to the past, how was it different facing Flash Wolves?


Faker: During the MSI, it seemed that they were very confident because they had just won the spring split, but today, it didn’t seem like it. Although our current record in the summer isn’t that good, it wasn’t too difficult to play against them.

(To Clid) You played in China for a while. How do you feel facing them at this tournament?


Clid: I was in China for a while and played in the LPL for about a year. I don’t think I have any advantages. Maybe that I have a bit more knowledge on what kind of plays LPL teams like to make.

(To Mata) You’re facing iG in your next match.


Mata: We’re all playing in similar situations. What I think as our advantage is that Rookie returned to the team late. I assume that could be a gap that we can aim for.

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