[Cartoon] "Hey... give me some attention, too!" A Champion Who's Been Pushed Back by TFT's Popularity, Qiyana


Today's editorial cartoon is about the brand new League of Legends champion, Qiyana, and the lack of hype surrounding her release due to the launch of TFT.

League of Legends' 145th champion, Qiyana, was recently added to the live servers with patch 9.13. Qiyana is a champion that uses her surrounding element to create opportunities for herself and her team. She's also equipped with the ability to stealth and apply CC, making her a deadly assassin in the right hands.

However, Qiyana didn't receive a fancy welcome from the community - if at all, that is. In order for a new champion to gain popularity and have its strength as a champion found, it requires multiple tests and experiments from the countless players of the LoL community. However, the patch that brought Qiyana to the live servers, patch 9.13, also brought the highly anticipated game mode, Teamfight Tactics along with it. Naturally, most of the community's attention was centered on TFT instead of Qiyana.

Some players criticized Riot that the term between Yuumi and Qiyana's release was too short, because players - both professionals and regulars alike - were still busy experimenting with Yuumi to find the best way to play her. Some pointed fingers that although players are kept happy through new contents that are added to the game, it is necessary for the contents to be released with a fair term in-between them.

Currently, Qiyana is sitting at a 35-40% win rate. Can she escape from this slump and find her place in Summoner's Rift? She's in dire need of the community's attention, which is currently fixated on TFT.

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