Twisted Fate Coming to Teamfight Tactics? - Riot Releases Teaser for 51st Champion

Twisted Fate seems to be the 51st champion in Teamfight Tactics. 

Riot’s set designer Wittrock posted a teaser image of the 51st champion today, instantly retweeted by Riot’s SapMagic.


It didn’t take long for long League of Legends fans to find out which champion this was, quickly locating the fraction of the image from TF's Cutpurse splash art. According to this Tweet, Twisted Fate will be the next champion we’ll be seeing in the islands of Teamfight Tactics.


Some TFT fans took another step and figured out which Origin and Class the new champion would be: a Pirate Sorcerer. As much as the splash art is from what it is, he certainly seems like the fifth Pirate. Considering TF’s impression on the Rift, he would most likely fit into a Sorcerer. However, Riot has yet to confirm any details.

*Image source: Riot Games

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