GRF Viper: "Playing against all the international teams at Rift Rivals will give us a good idea as to how strong we actually are."

On the 30th, Day 20 of the 2019 LCK Summer Split took place. On the second series of the day, Griffin defeated Kingzone DragonX with a score of 2-0. During the series, GRF Viper played Vladimir and Caitlyn and showed a different side to him. In response to a question regarding who he's looking forward to playing against at Rift Rivals, Viper said, "Everyone at RR is formidable, so I'm not looking out for one specific team or player. We're just going to do our best like we always have."

The following is an interview with GRF Viper.

How do you feel about your victory today?

It's great that we won right before Rift Rivals. I'm glad.

In game 2, you died to a 4-man tower dive. Your team didn't send backup.

Nothing was happening on the map - right before the enemy came out of nowhere to kill us and leave that is. They really caught me by surprise. When you die to something completely unexpected, it leaves you speechless. I didn't say a word about that situation for the rest of the game. When I saw the Elise, I instinctively looked at the minimap. None of my other teammates were nearby to help.

Deft played 'poke Varus'.

It was a reasonable pick. Caitlyn and Lux's CC combo is very threatening, and I believe that's why he chose to play Varus. Taking Cleanse brings safety and reliability, but I think he prioritized macro and map play instead, as he took Teleport. It basically removed his synergy with Yumi. Deft also used Teleport to return to his lane at level 1. We got lucky.

Your Caitlyn pick was quite bold. 

There isn't a lot of champions that can do well against Yumi. One of the ways to counter it, in my opinion, was Caitlyn-Lux. The enemy team could've banned one of the two, or both in the 2nd ban phase, so we took the duo as soon as possible. 

You'll now head to the Rift Rivals. It'll be your team's and your very first international tournament. 

It'll take place in Korea, so I don't think it'll be too different to what I've already experienced, but I'm still very excited to find out what the other teams have prepared for the tournament. 

Your first match will be against JDG. 

It won't be an easy one. Every team at Rift Rivals is strong; hence why they're competing in it. Playing against all the international teams will give us a good idea as to how strong we actually are, and how the other teams play the game. It'll be a valuable experience for our team.

Is there a certain bot lane duo that you're looking forward to playing against?

Not really. Every team is strong. That's always Griffin's mindset. We're simply going to try our best like we always have.

Do you see SKT, KZ, and DWG as reliable teammates?

They're all great teams. We'll focus on doing our best.

Any last words?

I want to win RR and share the victory's happiness and glory with everyone else. I'll do my best.

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