SKT Faker on Recent Improvements: "I think everyone just woke up and got to their senses after losing so much."

On the 29th, SK Telecom T1 defeated Gen.G Esports with a score of 2-0 and have successfully started a winning streak. After SKT's victory, our team ran into an opportunity to speak with Faker to hear from him about his victory and resolutions for the upcoming Rift Rivals. 

You defeated Gen.G Esports 2-0, and are now riding a winning streak. How do you feel?

In order for us to finish the split with good results, we need to win more. Our team needs to further improve.

You guys bounced back after a devastating losing streak. What did you guys do differently?

I think everyone just woke up and got to their senses after losing so much. (Laughs)

Not a lot of players run Akali anymore. What made you play her today?

In game 1, our composition was built around engaging. Akali was a good pick for it. I can play any champion thrown at me, so I didn't feel any pressure playing her. 

Do you have any tips on going even against Corki as Akali?

Anyone can go even.

Effort played as the starting support today. If you are to rate his performance?

Effort used to get really nervous on stage. He doesn't seem to get as nervous anymore. 

In-game, what are the differences between Effort and Mata?

Effort is very talkative, so he's similar to Mata... but it's really fascinating how he talks like a stone statue - curt and to the point. He talks like me. (Laughs)

On the official T1 Youtube channel, we caught a video of you trying out different camera filters. Are you happy with the results...?

▲ Hairy Faker (Source: SKT T1 Official Youtube Channel)

I don't really care about the photos... I'm just hoping more people will watch our Youtube videos. 

Do you think you look cute in those photos?


There's a rumor that the bread plushie in your stream moves on its own and watches over you. 

I'm not the one moving it. I think he's moving on his own when I'm not looking.

▲ The bread is always set in a different direction each stream...

I heard that you really like Mala sauce. 

I do. I enjoy mala on hot pots as well. But unfortunately, my teammates have the taste buds of a child, so they struggle with the sauce. 

Next week, you'll be competing in the Rift Rivals. What is your resolution for the tournament?

Our team will be competing at the Rift Rivals. I'm really glad that we're heading into the tournament with a winning streak. In the past 2 years, we've lost to LPL. This year's RR is held in Korea, so I really want to win. Thank you.

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