SKT Faker on Rift Rivals: "If we can make our performance as good as it was during the MSI, it would be enough to beat iG and FW."

On the 27th of June (KST), in the second game of the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 17, SK Telecom T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-0. With today’s win, SKT succeeded to end their losing streak at 5. After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok sat for an interview with the media.


It’s been a while since you’ve won. How do you feel?

I wouldn’t even think about having a 6-game losing streak. It’s really fortunate that we were able to end the losing streak. Since we have so many losses now, to reach the postseason, we need to play remaining matches extremely well.

What do you think the main reason was for the long losing streak?

Rather than just one clear reason, we had several issues come up at the same time. We focused on individual performance first, and because our confidence fell, we tried to bring up our confidence.

You played Neeko for the first time.

From the outside, it may seem like a change of style. However, the current meta uses Neeko. It’s a pick that we prepared as a team.

Who are you looking out for the most in the remaining matches?

Before the season started, I said in an interview that there is no easy team and that we have to be cautious of every team. It’s still the same. Still, I think the most difficult opponent would be Griffin. We seemed to step back when we played against them. If we don’t resolve that, it would be difficult in Round 2 as well.

Rift Rivals is coming up next week.

Our downfall is ending and we’re starting to come back up. I believe that we’ll be able to show better performances than during our losing streak.

You’ll be facing iG, Flashwolves in the group stage.

Since we’re preparing for the LCK, we’re not able to analyze foreign teams. Rather than thinking about their performance, we’ll try to bring up our own performance. If we can make our performance as good as it was during the MSI, it would be enough to beat iG and Flash Wolves.

Statistics say that SKT’s games are the longest. What do you think?

Rather than our speed being slow, that stat would be because we’re not doing well. During the spring and the MSI, we were the fastest team. What’s important for us right now is to bring up our form. Going for a change of style may backfire, so we should be careful about that.

Your next opponent is Gen.G Esports.

Gen.G Esports has a similar style with the past SKT. They like playing solid macro games so we need to prepare for that. But the first thing is to get our performance to the top so we’ll be practicing to do so.

Any last comments?

There should be many fans that were worried because of our losing streak. We were able to end it today. I hope we can rebound back up with today’s win. Thank you for everyone who cheered for us.

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