GRF Lehends: "Viper isn’t as good at helping me out to last-hit minions when he plays Sona. I hope he improves on that."

On the 26th of June (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split match between Griffin and Jin Air Green Wings, Griffin swept Jin Air 2-0. As much as it was a match between the 1st place team and the last place team, the game was pretty much one-sided. Jin Air attempted some change by picking Kai’Sa jungle, but Griffin’s prowess was too much for them to endure. After the match, Lee "Tarzan" Seung-yong and Son “Lehends” Si-woo were voted as MVPs and were interviewed after the match.


Congratulations on today’s win. How do you feel?


Tarzan: We didn’t make many mistakes in today’s match, so I’m satisfied.

(To Lehends) It seemed that your opponent prepared for the picks & bans a lot. How did you think?


Lehends: They picked Kai’Sa jungle. We predicted that she would go in jungle a bit, so it wasn’t that uncomfortable for us.

As you said, Kai’Sa jungle brought a lot of attention. Did you think about it in advance?


Tarzan: Kai’Sa is a champion that’s difficult to blind pick. We thought that she might be jungle because they blind picked her, so we were ready.

I’ve heard that Kai’Sa jungle is quite popular in the high-elo solo queue. Have you met any during solo queue?


Tarzan: I did, but she didn’t seem to have a clear advantage.

In Game 2, Tarzan picked Hextech Flashtraption. Junglers seldom pick that. Why?


Tarzan: I’ve played Olaf so many times… It’s a bit annoying when playing champions that don’t have moving skills so I tried Hextech Flashtraption a few times during practice. It wasn’t bad, so I picked it today.

Trundle. You’re 12-0 on Trundle in the LCK. How is he in the current meta?


Tarzan: Trundle’s pillar was nerfed too much, so he’s a lot weaker, and the ganks aren’t as effective anymore. He relies heavily on his ult; I think he needs to be buffed.

(To Lehends) You had perfect teamwork with Viper today as well, and it was Sona-Tahm Kench bot lane again today. Can we say you’re completed the Sona comp for Griffin?


Lehends: Rather than Griffin’s Sona, it would be Griffin’s Tahm Kench. (Laughs) When you play a Sona-Tahm Kench comp, it’s like Sona is the supporting role and Tahm Kench is the ADC. As for Viper, since he’s a bot laner, he isn’t as good at helping me out to last-hit minions when he plays Sona. I hope he improves on that. (Laughs)

Tahm Kench is often blind picked. Why is that?


Lehends: Tahm Kench can save teammates from trouble, and his laning is stronger than you would think. However, I personally don’t like him that much. I like playing champions that can engage and kill opponents, but as much as he’s important in the current meta, I’m forced to play him.

It’s a close competition for first place between Griffin and SANDBOX. Are you confident in winning the next match to maintain first place?


Lehends: What our head coach always tells us is that we need to concentrate on our performance rather than winning or losing. If our performance is at the top, wins follow. So we always focus on maintaining top-notch performance.

And any last comments to the fans?


Tarzan: I’m thankful to everyone who came to LoL Park to cheer for us, and thankful to all those who are watching from home. I’ll do my best to repay for your support by winning all the time.

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