Black Desert Online KR Patch Notes June 26th - Altar of Blood Buffs and Shai & Valkyrie Changes

Altar of Blood

● Stages 8 & 9 have been added.
- If you've completed Stage 7, you can continue your progress from Stage 8.
● The probability of receiving an Armor Box from 'Forgotten One's Legacy' has been adjusted.

Blood of Altar Stage Adjustments
The 2nd Illusion +70% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (V) Armor Box.
The 3rd Illusion +250% drop rate increase to Blue rarity (IV) Armor Box.
+100% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (V) Armor Box.
The 4th Illusion +100% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (IV) Armor Box.
+200% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (V) Armor Box.
The 5th Illusion +50% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (V) Armor Box.
The 6th Illusion +80% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (IV) Armor Box.
+130% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (V) Armor Box.
The 7th Illusion +25% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (III) Armor Box.
+100% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (IV) Armor Box.
+200% drop rate increase to Green & Blue rarity (V) Armor Box.


New challenge rewards have been added for the Blood of Altar.

Blood of Altar Stage Rewards
The 8th Illusion Caphras Stone x50
The 9th Illusion Advice of Valks (+100) x1

● A new item that allows you to retry a stage once you fail, has been added. 

▲ 'Nightmare Fragment'

- If there is a Nightmare Fragment in your inventory after failing a stage, you can consume it to immediately retry the stage.
- You can craft Nightmare Fragments through alchemy. 



● An issue where Backward Death Line Chase's forward guard applied when the skill was used during its cooldown has been fixed.
● Death Line Chase's forward guard will now have + all CC resistance (excluding grapple resistance).

"Valkyrie is a class that charges forward with shields up. We added the resistance bonus to her Death Line Chase to allow her to move more freely while she has her shield up."


● An issue where Shai's passive, 'Light Bag', not appearing in her skill window(K) has been fixed. 

▲ The icon for the passive skill.

● Tuck-and-Roll's command key has been changed from 'Shift + Spacebar' to 'W + F'.
● The speed at which you can cast 'Hop-Three', 'Kwik-Two', and 'Twirl-Three' after using Hop or Tuck-and-Roll has been made faster.
● The transition from combat stance to auto-move has been made faster. You can now auto-move even if you have your weapon unsheathed. 
● The command key for Shai's donkey skill that allows her to lay down while mounted has been changed from 'scroll lock' to 'T'.
● Shai's Florang skills will no longer produce an excessive amount of dust particles. 

"Despite the short period, the number of created Shai's far exceeds any other class that we released previously. In addition, more players reached lvl. 60 on Shai than any other class. We want to thank you, the players, for showing so much interest in our new character.

There is something that I want to discuss today. As explained before, Shai's combat capabilities are lower than the other classes, even more so in PVP. I don't think we explained that part well enough when we introduced Shai for the first time. We want to make it clear today that Shai's damage is heavily reduced in PVP.

Shai's specialty isn't in combat. Unlike the other classes, we're trying to make her a class that could be enjoyed in other ways. We still have a lot of updates planned for Shai, and we'll make sure to put all of your feedback into consideration along the way. This patch's focus was on Shai's command keys and combat fluidity. We'll continue to monitor the class and fix elements that could be deemed inconvenient or frustrating."


● A number of quests will now reward amity.
- Completing quests will now more quickly allow you to get closer to the quest-giving NPC. 
- The amount of amity you can receive from a quest will largely depend on the personality of the NPC and the nature of the quest.
- Repeatable/daily quests and lifeskill quests will not reward amity.

● Completing regular quests ( excluding main quests, life quests, fishing quests, daily quests, etc.) will now reward combat experience.
- The amount of EXP you will receive from quests will not be a fixed number. You'll receive a certain percentage of your total exp.
- For example, a quest that would reward 0.5% EXP to a level 58 character will reward 0.02% to a level 60 character. (This is just a given example. The actual amount of EXP you can and will receive will differ.)

▲ The combat experience reward will have an orange EXP+ icon.

"Every quest in BDO offer Contribution experience. Contribution points were valuable and necessary for progressing through the life contents of the game. But as time passed, it has become a lot less important. We also took notice that many players were enjoying the Rulupee's Travel Guide and felt that they needed something extra. 

The amount of combat experience granted from quests aren't massive. But we hope that it'll be somewhat of help for those who enjoy completing quests."


● You can now check if a character has either a mount or a boat taken out from the character selection screen. 

● When feeding your pets, the first pet food will automatically be highlighted. (You won't have to manually click the food each time.)

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Comments :6

  • 1

    level 2 Adam_Jensen

    Nice QoL changes in UI, Would be better if we can search for a certain item in our assets (inventory of all chars+storages+boats+mounts+wagons)

  • 0

    level 25 Tiri

    Rewards for 8th and 9th illisions are great! Now it worth.

  • 2

    level 3 Anex

    nice First step on changes Valkyrie , now they have to changege Shield Chase ,from Frontal Guard to same Frontal Guard + Super Armor , or better to Invincible and last asome changes will be to change on Promptness ,Stiffness and Floating to apply (PvE Only) and add Super Armor while using skill. Please people who have access to other platform and are agree with me write there the same maybe this will influence somehow Pearl Abyss on balance Valkyrie.

  • 0

    level 1 herse

    people go up the class because they give 500 million and 60 fs, as a class it is garbage, slow and super boring

  • 1

    level 2 Mizukami

    buff a bit more valky ,she need SA pre-awak or one more at her awak on active combat skill, not only movement ,this change for death line chase is very good of corse ,its looks very nice, but she was nude vs class like mystic ,striker, ninja , kuno , berserker, they have three times protected skills , and some of those skills with cc in pvp , valk need a bit more attention.


  • 0

    level 1 Kurt_Ferro

    Buff Maehwa retards..

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