GRF Tarzan: "We play about 3 scrims during the day, 3 after we eat, and about 2 at night. We don’t scrim that much."

Recently, a player hit the highest ever solo queue points in the KR server. Griffin jungler, Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong, gained more than 1600 LP and soared higher above the other players. In Season 8, Tarzan had two accounts within the top 10. As much as this is a great accomplishment, we were curious about the daily life of a ‘hard grinding’ pro gamer, so we caught up with Tarzan and asked him.

Today, we’ll be talking about the daily life of a pro gamer.

- My daily life as a pro gamer?


Yes, there are many ways to spend a day; practice, rest, exercise or just have free time. We want to hear about how Tarzan spends his day. You’ve seen this often, right? You probably drew this when you were young.

- Yeah, as homework for vacations.


Yes. We lied while drawing this as well. Would you like to draw your daily schedule?

- Do I have to draw?


Yes yes.

- So I get up at 11… I need to draw this like a clock, right? I’m not very good at drawing lines…


Sure, you get up at 11,

- Yeah, and I usually go to bed around 4-5 AM. I’ll write ‘Sleep time’.


What do you do when you get up at 11?

- I get up at 11, and up to 12:30, it’s time to wash up, eat lunch and stuff.


Personal time.

- And we scrim from 1:30 to 4:30 PM…


When’s dinner?

- After the scrims. I told you about breakfast earlier, and from 4:30 to 7 is free time. We play solo queue, eat, rest…


Practice and rest.

- Yeah.


Do the players mostly rest or practice during that free time?

- It depends on our conditions during the season. If practicing is necessary, we practice, when we need rest, we rest.


What do you usually eat?

- There’s a chef who makes us food.


And you scrim from 7 again?

- Yeah. We usually scrim until about 9:45… And then again, free time until 12 o’clock. We can eat or practice. Sometimes there are scrims, and sometimes we play solo queue. I think that’s about it.


When you practice alone, what do you practice? Some players practice picking up CS all day.

- I mostly play solo ranked.


Solo ranked. Hmm… This probably would be the weekdays; are weekends similar?

- During the season, we go with this schedule.


How’s the ratio between scrims and solo queue?

- During the season, we have more scrims. I assume it’s 7:3 or 8:2.


How many scrims do you usually play a day?

- We play about 3 scrims during the day, 3 after we eat, and about 2 at night. We don’t scrim that much.


Apart from personal practice, do you watch other players’ or your next opponents’ VODs?

- Most of the time, I do. During tournaments, I watch all of them as well.


Viper said that he played Pyke after being assured from G2’s match. Do you watch foreign leagues as well?

- I don’t watch that much, but I sometimes check which champions were played. I compare their meta to ours and if it seems good, I try them out.


Do you watch highlights as well?

- Very rarely.


You would probably see the stat sites as well.

- I see them a lot.


Does it help much?

- I wouldn’t say it doesn’t help. It’s moderately helpful.


What do you focus on while practicing in scrims or solo ranked?

- I focus on not making mistakes and how to not make mistakes. I’m human, and I make mistakes. I think it’s important to have consistent performance.


What do you usually do on weekends that you’re off?

- When we have time during the season, we sometimes have a day off. I get up late, do personal stuff, and play solo queue freely.


Do you watch any movies with teammates?

- Not during the season. We have to concentrate during the season.


Do your teammates go on dates and stuff during those days?

- Go on dates with my teammates?


Haha. No. 

- Haha. I don’t have a girlfriend. Sometimes, our parents come and have a meal with us.


Some people think that Griffin works and practices really hard. They wonder how it is. All your teammates’ schedules are like this, right?

- I think mostly, yes.


Are you satisfied with Griffin’s schedule?

- I like it since it’s systematic.


If there’s one thing that you’d like to change in this schedule, what would it be? For example, would you want to sleep for one more hour?

- This schedule reflects all those opinions, so it’s alright.


So it’s all discussed and settled.

- Yeah, everyone agreed to do at least this much.


Lastly, tell me about Griffin’s resolutions.

- Resolutions for this season?



- We did slip against SANDBOX, but we’ll be delivering consistently good performance all the time so please cheer for us.


Good. Let’s shake and wrap up.

- Sure, thank you.



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