[Cartoon] "I hate you 9000..." The State of the LoL PBE Server Following the Release of TFT


Today's editorial cartoon is on the new League of Legends game mode, Teamfight Tactics, and how it affected the LoL PBE server.

It's been nearly a week since TFT was added to the LoL PBE server. Although the server has an honor level requirement of 3 in order to participate, countless players from around the world gathered to give TFT a try. But unfortunately, as a result of the massive influx of players, it has become insanely difficult for players to queue in. As a matter of fact, the phrase, 'over 9,000' that appears when there are more than 9,000 players in queue, has become a meme in the community.

Sure, the players are given the information that there are at least 9,000 players in line to log-in, but not knowing exactly how many players are in queue, some had to wait tens of hours to finally log-in. Most players expected the PBE server to be busy when TFT arrived, but it didn't stop them from becoming frustrated at the long wait-time that feels like eternity.

Some of the players that were fortunate enough to finally log-in had their fair share of complaints regarding TFT's in-game balancing. It's true that the game is still in its beta state, but the community quickly found out that certain champions such as Draven, Volibear, and Aurelion Sol are overpowered in the current meta game. TFT is a type of game mode that requires good balancing to be competitive and enjoyable, so the current balance problem should be well-addressed before its official release in the live servers.

TFT is still about 9,000 players away from our reach. Are you also tired of the long wait? I can't wait for its official release so that many players could play and hopefully enjoy the new game mode.

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