[Video Interview] GEN CuVee Talks about How To Deal with Internet Trolls, Negative Comments, and Who Cusses the Most in his Team


We didn't have many chances to talk to Gen.G Esports top laner Lee "CuVee" Sung-jin since last year. After Gen.G's win against Hanwha Life Esports, we were able to speak to CuVee; he was like always, smiling and jolly. We talked to him about how he dealt with internet trolls and negative comments.


Congratulations on your victory today. Today, we'll be talking about your performance today, and how you've been dealing with internet trolls and negative comments.

- Okay.

I think it's been a while since we've interviewed you last.

- It's true.

How have you been? Have you been eating well?

- I've been practicing like normal and taking breaks when I can. I've been working out recently.

Nowadays, it's very easy for players to be caught up in a controversy online. In that regard, a lot of people say you have the mental strength of Buddha, as you are able to gently deal with trolls and toxic players. Were you aware of that?

- No, I haven't. I don't pay attention to the online gaming community.

Are you normally this laid back?

- Yeah, I think so.

How do you keep your calm when you read or hear toxic comments?

- The best thing to do is to simply not pay any attention to them. If that's too hard to do... I just do my best to ignore them.

You do your best to ignore them, but even if you notice them, you suppress your anger.

- Yeah.

Does Gen.G teach you about these kinds of things?

- Not necessarily. They do pay attention to what we say in-game though.

Can you be more specific?

- Gen.G points out what we shouldn't say online. Cuss words, controversial phrases, and etc.

So you're doing a good job following their rules.

- I always did a good job staying out of trouble.

Have you never had a single controversy?

- Yes. Not once.

Sorry if I'm bringing up a bad memory, but was there a specific troll or toxic player that's given you a hard time before?

- I've seen a lot of trolls in solo queue... seeing them really angers me. But I can't show that in-game. So I think to myself, "this game is a lost cause," and do my best to ignore the situation and move on. I can always climb back up in future games. That's my mentality when I play.

No specific player?

- I don't remember anyone specific, but there are always people that troll. They either open their lane or go AFK. I try my best to ignore them.

I'm surprised that there are that many trolls in your rank.

- There are.

So what exactly do you do to ignore them?

- Normally, I just mute them. But when someone goes AFK, I just tell myself, "Let's hurry and finish this game so I can move on to the next one."

I'm curious. No matter how much you try to ignore those types of situations, it's bound to get you really angry at some point. Have you ever cussed out loud instead of typing it?

- I don't cuss often, but I do when I'm hanging out with my friends.

I can't even imagine.

- Well... kind of... yeah.

So your friends know exactly what kind of a person you are.

- Yeah.

So you don't say any bad words when talking to your teammates.

- I do sometimes. Not a lot, though.

So who cusses the most?

- Ruler. He's always cussing.

Not a moment of hesitation when you said that... It's actually quite surprising. Anyways, then are there any "good" memorable comments?

- Comments such as "Let's do better next time!" even when we lose. They're the most memorable and inspiring.

The smallest of phrases can give you the biggest strength.

- Yeah. It's somewhat of a very generic comment, but it is the most motivating.

There are trolls and toxic players that are roaming the Summoner's Rift as we speak. If you can say one thing to them?

- I hope they continue to live like that and get banned.

There are a lot of people who have weak mental strength. Do you have any tips on how to deal with trolls for those people?

- Mute chat, and have the mindset that this game is already over. Try your best to not be affected by their trolling and move on.

Not get affected by their toxic comments, too.

- Yeah. Mute them, and report them.

Do you also meditate?

- Not... really.

Thank you for the tip, I think it'll help me personally as well. Lastly, can you tell us your resolution for this season? What is your goal?

- My goal is to win the split... but being realistic, I just want to qualify for the playoffs. That's my goal.

A realistic goal.

- Yeah. My goal is to reach the playoffs.

Thank you for the interview. Rest well!

- Thank you

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