GRF Viper: "I wasn't sure if bot lane Pyke was going to work out. Then I saw G2 using it, and it strengthened my reasons to try it."

On the 20th of June, Day 12 of the 2019 LCK Summer Split took place. On the first series of the day, Griffin defeated kt Rolster with a score of 2-0. Throughout the series, Griffin displayed dominating performance against KT, achieving nothing less of a flawless victory. 

The following is an interview with Griffin's bot laner, Viper.

Congratulations on your victory. Today's interview will be on your victory today and on Griffin who'll soon compete in an international tournament. Today, you played Pyke. It was quite unexpected to see Pyke and Yumi played in the LCK today. The first team to bring attention to bot lane Pyke was G2 Esports. Did G2 inspire you guys to pick Pyke today?

I tried bot lane Pyke in solo queue once, and I found it to be a good pick. I thought about trying him on stage, although I wasn't sure if he was going to work out. Then I saw G2 using him, and it strengthened my reasons to try him.

So you became sure that Pyke was a good pick by watching G2?


So how was he, now that you've tried him on stage?

There are some things that I need to work on. Other than that, Pyke is pretty good.

After MSI, a lot of teams started trying different things on stage. Especially teams like AF who has always had an experimental mind. Is Griffin on the same boat?

Instead of saying that we're trying to change things, I think it's better to say that we're naturally adapting to the new meta. The other LCK teams are changing, so we're slowly adapting to that.

So you're being wary of the other teams' changes.

Yes. And as for our team, we're keeping true to our team's strength even while trying different things.

You'll be competing in the Rift Rivals soon. A lot of fans are very excited to finally see Griffin competing at an international event. What do you think?

I wanted the World Championship to be my first international tournament... But I still believe that RR is just as important. We aren't competing as the LCK's 1st placed team, but I still believe we have an important role to fulfill. I'm also curious to see as to how our team will deal with the pressure of playing in such a large event. I can't imagine how happy I'd be if we win. I'm really happy for the opportunity.

Is there a certain international team or player that you want to face?

I want to play against RNG.

Why RNG?

RNG always seems like a very strong team. I think there are a lot of things that we can learn from them. They also have a strong bot lane. Playing against them would be a great way for our bot lane to improve - whether we win or lose. But of course, I want to play against the other teams, too. Our team has no international experience, so I want to experience as much as I can at RR. Playing against teams - not only from Korea - but from around the world would be such a great experience.

Being a strong LCK team, and being a strong international team carry two completely different meanings. Are there things that Griffin is practicing exclusively for RR?

We'll need to play at RR to find out exactly what we need to work on.

It's also a secret, huh?

That, and the fact that I've never competed at an international tournament before. But I'm confident that our team will prepare well for it, and I think we'll do a good job at the event.

How is the team atmosphere?

It's always the same. Everyone is bright and having fun. We're currently set to do the best that we can to reach the Finals again.

Your head coach, cvMax seems like a very positive person that can sometimes seem strict or scary during feedback. It seems like he had a big influence on Griffin, especially since Griffin saw rapid growth after picking him up. What does he find the most important from his players?

All he wants is for all five of his players to become "one"... He strongly believes that is necessary to become better. 

Just how much more do you need to play with each other to reach that state?

I think we're almost there.


The players need to become one with not only themselves but with the coaching staff as well. That's our goal.

That won't be easy.

That's what our head coach wants, and we're following in his steps. I don't know when we'll finally reach that state, but we're working on it.

What kind of personal improvements are you working on?

Personally? I want to be able to catch every detail in-game. When I'm really focused on the game, there are things that I miss. I want the ability to be able to catch every little detail.

So in other words, you need more experience?

Sure, experience is a big factor.

Lastly, can you tell us your team's goal?

I want our team to win the Summer Split, qualify for the World Championship, then show good performance there. We'll do our best to fulfill that goal.

You must be aching for that victory.

Of course. There's not a single team that doesn't want to win, but our team's desire to win is growing bigger and bigger by the day.

Is there any trauma regarding your losses in the Finals?

If you dwell on the thought, it becomes true. It's better to stay clear of thinking about it. Instead of thinking about it like that, we're just simply doing our best to improve.

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