[TFT] Champion Pool Sizes and Probabilities Revealed!

There’s a shared champion pool to purchase from in Teamfight Tactics. What this means is that if someone else bought a champion that you want to buy isn’t always available. Also, there are probabilities applied to each level. For example, you wouldn’t see any Miss Fortunes, a 5-cost champion, in the early levels.


On the 20th, Riot released the champion pool sizes and probabilities. According to this sheet, only one person would be able to make the same 3-star champion for tier 4 and 5 champions and only two people could make the same tier 3 champion. Those of you who’ve played would know that the game usually ends before you can possibly hit 3-stars on tier 5 champions, but still, it’s good to know.

Up to now, Volibear and Draven are known as the ‘broken’ champions in the game. Volibear, when equipped with Rapid Firecannon does insane things, and Draven with Guinsoo’s Rageblade is nearly undefeatable. According to the pool sizes, only two players will be able to make these to 3 stars, and as much as they’re broken, everybody’s going to want them. This means that more likely than not, no one would reach 3 stars on them.


The game’s still only on beta and there will be more changes for sure. Riot also talked about changes to come in their ‘Quick Game Thoughts’ corner. Below is the full text.


At time of writing TFT's been out on the PBE for nearly 24 hours. It's been exciting and a little tense watching to see what you folks will think and how the PBE server will cope with so much more demand to play than it normally gets. Very grateful for all your feedback so far, whether you've had a chance to play yourself or have checked it out on a stream. Wanted to run through a bunch of things we're planning and things we're considering doing so notes on those below. We'll also have a dev blog going out tomorrow that covers some of our thinking around design principles for TFT and some longer term plans.


Things that will be in upcoming patches (some first patch post launch, some a bit later):

- DPS meters.

- More detailed unit stats when you Right Click a unit to inspect them.

- More bug fixing, though we're hoping to hit all the big stuff at least before it leaves PBE.

- A ranked queue.

- Improved clarity around unit positioning on the board. Likely involves further work on the ground textures to make movement easier to track, could well include an toggle option to show a subtle hexgrid overlay all the time.

- Refinements to PVE rounds including difficulty tuning.

- Ways to get more information about what items will build into without having to commit them to units first.

- Additional balance and bug fixing (these should be in every patch for a while).

Some things we're discussing based off feedback so far:

- It's a common point of feedback that players feel like the board is too small. We're happy with it as it is currently and want to give it a bit more time to see how positional play does or does not develop with the currently available space. We're open to revisiting though if the feeling persists with players, especially if it reduces depth in the game.

- Similarly we think a maximum unit cap of 9 is the right place to be, especially given things like Force of Nature that let you exceed that cap and other items that let you add additional synergies. Again, open to revisiting though once things have had a bit of time to play out.

- What our options are to make two and three star units more distinct and more satisfying. We'll likely refine the existing silver and gold visual effects further regardless, especially given we think they're looking really good on some champs and not others at present. Discussing other angles as well.

- What additional information to next work on conveying through the scoreboard on the right hand side of the screen. It currently just shows player name/health, should we make adding things like loss/win streaks to it for example a priority ahead of other TFT work?

- Whether we’ve got the tuning right on how much damage a player who loses a round takes. For the first day of PBE that calculation was bugged and often higher than intended. Watching to see whether the intended values are appropriate or whether we should also make some adjustments so that games don’t resolve too suddenly or drag on forever.

- Whether item drop rates are too high or too low and how much we should or shouldn’t be controlling variation in items earned from PVE rounds for different players.

Little Legends

In addition to their role in TFT we're also looking to bring Little Legends to other game modes. We want to make sure we're not damaging combat clarity by doing so though and a lot of extra units running around in the middle of a fight can make things quite a bit harder to follow. We've got some behavior in place for them as a result where they'll show up in ARAM games but hang back from the action. They'll be visible, but not in prime combat areas and will run towards the Nexus when an enemy champion gets too close. Play-testing so far's suggested that's a promising approach for making them still appreciable but avoiding them feeling underfoot and in the way. Plan is to see how that goes in regular games, refine the approach further, then see whether there are appropriate ways to get them into SR games as well, using both lessons from ARAM and potentially other techniques again.

Images via Riot Games

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