[LCK Summer] Griffin Tarzan, “If the early game goes wrong with Olaf, there’s nothing to do with him. But my Olaf is different. I’m confident to play him.”


Tarzan said that his Olaf is different from other players'.

20th June, Griffin recorded a clean sheet at the match against KT Rolster. Griffin played perfectly on both sides; not only the set score (2-0) but also the in-game performances. Tarzan simply showed noticeably early ganks in games 1 and 2.

The following is an interview with Griffin’s jungler, Tarzan.

Q. You ganked KT’s mid and bot lane very proactively in games 1 and 2. Did you plan it?

I planned the early gank in game 1. Although the situation was not easy, I just tried to force them to use flash. I had often tried level 2 ganks a long time ago. But since they seemed to forget the truth that I like to level 2  gank, I tried it at this game again and it worked.

Q. Since Griffin lost to SandBox Gaming, your team has been showing better performances.

We felt like we forgot lots of cardinal points of the game. Since we lost the game against SB, we checked those basic things before the matches begin.

Q. LCK standings are in Chaos.  What’s your opinion on it?

For now, any LCK team can win or lose against any LCK team. All we can do is prepare for matches more carefully.

Q. Don’t you feel bad since you weren’t named MVP on game 1?

I think it's generally hard to be named MVP as a jungler. Winning the game is just enough for me.

Q. What is your opinion on Olaf?

Olaf is sort of a mediocre pick. Since he is not able to get through walls with skills, he can do fewer things compared to other champions. If the early game goes wrong with Olaf, there’s nothing to do with him. But my Olaf is different from others. I’m confident to play him.

Q. Your next matchup is against SKT. What is your plan to win?

I expect us to win against them. The game will be in our hand if we make fewer mistakes.

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