Black Desert Online KR Patch Notes June 19th - Addition of Shai and Three New Donkeys

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New Class - Shai

● As a villager from Florin, Shai has a good understanding of gathering and alchemy. Upon creation, Shai will be a 'professional' for both life skills right off the bat. 
- As a result, Shai will not be able to proceed with certain life skill quests from Florin village. 
- When transferring life skill experience from Shai to a different character, only the life skill experience gathered by the player can be transferred over. (Shai's base alchemy and gathering level of professional will stay intact.)
● Florin villagers are already familiar with Shai, so she'll be treated differently when compared to the other classes. Shai will be given different options during her quests in Florin village. 
● Shai can create a class-exclusive bonfire tool through alchemy.
- Bonfires last 10 minutes. Allies nearby a bonfire heal 50 HP every 10 seconds. Bonfires can also cure hypothermia. 
- Bonfire tool has a 30-minute cooldown. 
● Shai has always had a donkey companion, ever since she was young. She knows how to better handle donkeys, and she can travel fast while mounting one. 
- Shai who prefers donkeys isn't ready to try riding a horse yet. But surely, the curious Shai could easily handle a horse once she becomes interested in it.
● Shai has narrow shoulders... cats and birds won't be able to perch on them.

New Donkeys

● Derome, Cherose, and Vallet donkeys have been added. There are a number of mount skills that are exclusive to these donkeys.
● Every class will be able to mount these donkeys. However, only Shai will be able to access their mount skills.
● The three new donkeys will be able to learn the following skills.

Skill Effect
Hind Kick Strike foes who are behind the donkey
Run, Run! (Donkey version of Sprint) 
Get Out of the Way! Donkey charges forward for an attack.
I'm Going to Take a Short Break Pressing 'E' on the keyboard while mounting a donkey will activate this travel skill. Shai will lay peacefully atop the donkey while traversing the lands.

※ Official English translations may be different upon release in NA/EU.

● New donkey equipment (armor) has been added.
● You can dye the different pieces of donkey equipment.
● Donkeys cannot be targeted by monsters while in standby mode. 
- However, if your character is attacked by a monster's AoE attack while nearby a donkey, the donkey could take damage. 
● You can now delete, change, or train a donkey's skills. 
● You can now use the following mount items on donkeys:
- Mount Skill Change Coupon
- Mount Skill Deletion Coupon
- Mount Skill Training Coupon


● The animation for gathering in water has been better adjusted. 
● A temporary save feature has been added to the Beauty(F4) UI.
- Even if the game shuts down during customization, your work will be saved for when you log back in. 


● The following Marni Stones have been added to the Kamasylvia grind spots:
- Fadus Habitat I
- Fadus Habitat II
- Polly Forest I
- Polly Forest II
● The following text has been added to the Item Collection Increase Scroll:
- The drop rates for World bosses and monsters who are supposed to yield drops for multiple members of a party are not affected by this scroll.
● You can now exchange weakened Asula accessories in Grana. 
● Book of Combat has received the following changes:

Item Before Change After Change
Book of Combat Combat Experience +50%
Skill Experience +20%
Combat Experience +100%
Skill Experience +50%

● Certain items are now stackable - they will not take up more than 1 slot of your inventory. (Golden Bell, Black Stone Bundle, Advice of Valks (15~25, 25~35), GM's Lucky Box, etc.)

Altar of Blood

● The following levels have been added:
- The 6th Illusion - Despair.
- The 7th Illusion - Deception.
● If you've beaten Round 5 of the Blood of Altar, you'll be able to start from level 5 instead of having to start over from scratch. 
● 7 new Adventure Challenges have been added.
- You can only complete each of the Blood of Altar challenge once per family.
- After clearing a stage, disconnect and reconnect to complete the corresponding challenge to claim your reward.

Blood of Altar Level Challenge Reward
The 1st Illusion [Event] Perfume of Courage x3
The 2nd Illusion Advice of Valks (+20) x1
The 3rd Illusion Memory Fragment x10
The 4th Illusion Advice of Valks (+30) x 1
The 5th Illusion Cron Stones x20
The 6th Illusion Caphras Stone x20
The 7th Illusion Gold Bar 100G x5

● Required level for the Blood of Altar's prerequisite questline has been changed from lvl.60 to lvl.56.


●Aakman Temple has received the following changes:
- Fallen monsters will respawn faster in certain rooms. (40%~60% faster spawn)
- Some monsters have been added or relocated in certain rooms.

"To those who have experienced Aakman Temple will know - that certain rooms are superior to the others in terms of grind efficiency. We made this change so that every room will be equal in that regard. You'll now be able to stay put and grind in just one room."
※ Aakman temple will no longer be affected by events that increase monster respawn rate.


● The Old Moon Sky Balloon will now subtly sway during its travel, making it look more natural. 
● You no longer can interact with NPC's or objectives while having your weapon out when mounted.

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    level 1 meitsme123


    Any info on this item?

    Maybe they said if or when it will be sold in the pearl shop?

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      level 35 Ready


      No information on whether or not that book will be a purchasable item from the pearl shop. Currently, the only way to receive it is through the Shai pre-registration.

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