[Teamfight Tactics] Likely to be Hitting PBE Tomorrow! - Riot MapleNectar and SapMagic Answer Users' Questions on TFT

Riot’s new game mode on League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, will most likely be hitting PBE tomorrow. In a recent article, we covered what’s known about the game. There still are many questions users have about the new mode, and to resolve that, Riot’s Teamfight Tactics Product Lead Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel and Gameplay Design Manager Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer answered questions through Twitter. Here are some of the questions they answered.


When will Teamfight Tactics be available?

We're hoping to get it on PBE by 18 JUNE and to live during Patch 9.13. We're moving pretty fast, so there's a chance either or both of these get delayed.

Are you going to bring Teamfight Tactics to mobile?

We wouldn't rule out anything, including a mobile version of TFT at some point...having said that, right now we're focused on getting the PC version right—with no compromises—first.

Will I be able to use skins for my champions in Teamfight Tactics?

For now, no. We may use skins in the future to create different variations of champions (e.g., Glacial Annie vs. Blaze Annie or things like that) which we think would be really exciting for players to experience.

Is X champion going to be in Teamfight Tactics at launch?

We'll have about 50 champions at launch. We're planning to bring out more champs as time goes on and we'd love to hear your ideas!

How can I learn about all the stuff in Teamfight Tactics?

We're going to be putting out a lot more information in the upcoming weeks and the game will be on PBE soon. If you're looking for some well-organized (but maybe not totally accurate) info now, check out this fan-made site: https://tftactics.gg/


▲ Screenshot of the lobby (Image source: Riot SapMagic)

How welcoming will it be to players who have never played autochess?

It's fully mouse-driven, so from the get-go, it'll be a lot easier to get into, we're also going to have a bunch of in-game tips/assists (like if you don't fill your board we'll do it for you) to soften the onboarding experience

I assume we'll be able to use the keyboard if we'd prefer, right?

Yep, you can access everything with the mouse, but there will be hotkeys for everything that you can customize (though the customization part will come in the next patch)

After hearing play testers complain about the map size and if when on PBE players still do not feel okay with the map size is the team willing to change it?

We're sticking to the board size we have for now and have made some other changes which we hope alleviate some of the concerns. If they persist and are strong pain points for players we'll look to address them more aggressively.

Any plans on making worldwide matchmaking in TFT?

Not at the moment, the way our servers have been set up makes that quite complicated. Given that TFT is waaaay more latency tolerant than Summoner's Rift, we expect that players will be able to play in other regions if they want to...I'd love a better solution in the future though

At what account level does TFT unlock?

Level 1 - for folks who've never played League before but want to play TFT we didn't want to make them have to play SR several times before getting access to the game they wanted to play

Do you have any idea about releasing this game on Android/Steam?

Let's see how PC does first :) We're exploring what it could take to bring TFT to mobile, one step at a time!


How will patches be handled regarding TFT? Is there a new team? Will it be listed under the current patch notes every two weeks like LoL?

We have our own dedicated team focused on TFT development/balance. Patch notes will be handled much the same way as League's, but we'll see if we do more than that as well

How soon will you start adding more champs to the mode after release?

Within the first patch or 2 is the plan! The plan is to get to all of our champions over time!

How often will new cycles of champions be introduced to TFT?

Likely every patch - then larger changes every few months.

Will the gold work like in Dota Auto Chess with leveling and interest or has it been changed?

Largely the same. We talked about making more changes but ultimately felt like there wasn't much to be gained by changing so focused on other areas of the experience.

Are there plans to make a twitch TFT game category?

The plan is to have its own category at some point (maybe really soon, maybe a bit down the road)

Do we get to pick our first little legend or is one chosen for us?

Both ;)

Will it be a 1 month rank season?

We're likely going to tie ranked seasons of TFT to ranked seasons of SR so that players have a consistent expectation throughout the year - ultimately we'll do what makes the most sense for TFT though

Will we be able to queue up as 2-3-4 for ranked or only Solo?

Current plan is that players gold and below will be able to queue with 5 friends, that number will get increasingly restricted the higher up the ladder you are.

Do champions change appearance when they're upgraded?

They won't change as much as champs in other auto battlers, but there will be some changes. We have some different plans with our skins which we'll talk about in more detail later this week :)

Are there champions with triple traits (Origin/class)?

There are a few that do!

Is this a rotating mode or permanent?

As a point of clarification for those asking whether TFT is permanent: We think it has the potential to be a sustainable, permanent mode with its own unique audience from Summoner's Rift. We also believe competitive features like Ranked would be key to its success. Basically: We want this to be permanent, but there's a lot of work we need to do to make that happen so we're focused on that for the moment.

Will there be spectator mode enabled at launch?

We won't have a number of things like spectate at launch but we are hoping to bring many of them shortly after.

There's a lot of excitement coming from the community because of the new mode. If all goes well, players with honor level 3 and above will be able to play the game on PBE starting tomorrow.

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