First the LCS and Now the LEC… Twisted Fate Appears in the Rift, This Time He’s Going AD

A champion that seemed to be forgotten in the competitive LoL scene… Twisted Fate is finally starting to make his appearance in official matches.

In this LCS Summer, OpTic Gaming’s mid laner, Crown used Twisted Fate. He went with the ‘usual’ AP items such as Rod of Ages and Lich Bane. However, this time, Twisted Fate appeared in the Rift on ‘Kleptomancy-AD items’ in the LEC during the matchup against Schalke 04 Esports and Fnatic.


Fnatic’s mid laner, Nemesis, used Twisted Fate against the Ryze matchup. He bought Phage during his first recall and soon built his first core item, Trinity Force. For his second and third core, Nemesis decided to go with attack speed items. After building Wit’s End to get that extra AP resistance against Kennen-Ryze on the side lanes, he built Rapid Firecannon for movement speed and range boost.

The composition used in the game was also a perfect fit for Twisted Fate. He had Sivir who’ll enhance movement speed using her ultimate and Pyke who can give extra support in roaming situations. The opponent had Ryze, so their Sylas could steal his ultimate which makes Fnatic on 2 global ultimates and 2 Teleports. They actually successfully used this advantage and snowballed early in the game. The Fnatic players were at least a step faster than Schalke. After succeeding two bottom dives, they started to split push using Twisted Fate. Schalke’s Kennen-Ryze, the champs that had to mark Twisted Fate in their side lanes, started to lose 1 vs 1s against him. Eventually, the game became one-sided and Fnatic secured an easy win.

AD Twisted Fate is known as an even stronger split pusher than on AP items if he can safely scale up to the mid-late game. Most Twisted Fates usually have a tough time sustaining the laning phase… however, this time, Fnatic proved that he can become a viable pick also on AD items with the right support from the rest of the team.


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