GRF Viper on Sona: "The loss before was because we weren't able to properly utilize her, so we picked her again."

On the 14th of June (KST), in the second match of the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 8, Griffin dominated the Rift against Hanwha Life Esports. As if they wanted to prove that they weren’t wrong about picking Sona twice in their last match, Griffin picked Sona alongside Tahm Kench in their bot lane to win the first game. Park “Viper” Do-hyeon recorded all 9 kills of the team (9/0/0) and was voted MVP. Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon was voted the MVP of the second game and the two were interviewed.


Griffin had a clean 2-0 shutout. How was the feedback after your loss against SANDBOX?

: We had feedback as we always did.

Chovy, how do you feel about today’s win?

Chovy: I have no thoughts. (Laughs)

Insisting on picking Sona reminded us about the Taliyah-Pantheon in the spring finals. What have you to say about that?

Viper: (Laughs) We thought Sona was good. The loss before was because we weren't able to properly utilize her, so we picked her again.

Sona blew up Zoe. What happened there?

Viper: At first, Olaf was there, so I went after him. But Zoe appeared, and I hit her… and she blew up. I think it was possible because I was able to scale extremely well.

Was the Singed ban in Game 2 a mistake?

Chovy: We tried to snipe Lehends with that ban. (Laughs)

You avoided a 1v3 collapse on you in bot lane. Did you think you would be able to survive?

: When Kalista appeared, I thought I was dead, but somehow, I survived.

Your Sylas was very impressive, but the nerfed version of Sylas will be hitting the pro server. Do you think he’d still be good?

: I don’t usually experiment in solo queue; when other people play and say it’s good, I might be trying him out more then.

Your next match is against KT. How will you be preparing?

Viper: We’ll do as we always do and do our best to win like today.

Chovy: Me too, I’ll prepare well so that we can make clean plays and win conveniently like today.

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