Say ‘GUTEN TAG’ to the Children of Darkness with the German Language Update for Brown Dust

SEATTLE - JUNE 13, 2019: Brown Dust, the hit tactical RPG from Neowiz, just became a bit more global with the launch of today’s big update. Not only is Brown Dust adding official German Language support, but it’s also adding three brand new Mercenaries - Ludia, Eindolin, and Naius - The Children of Darkness. Several other events are opening up to welcome addition of official German language support, all of which offer a bevy of fantastic rewards for new and returning players alike.


The Children of Darkness

★5 Ludia & ★5 Eindolin and ★4 Naius comprise the Children of Darkness, the latest trio of Mercenaries joining the fray in Brown Dust. Naius, the Lunatic Bomber, can be obtained through a special series of missions, while Ludia and Eindolin must be drawn with scrolls.

Children of Darkness Trailer:


  • 5-star Defender, with a high chance to be grazed by attacks
  • Grazed attacks reduce incoming damage up to 100%!


  • 5-star Supporter, boosts offense and applies regen in a X-shaped area, giving the central target a taunt.
  • Her support skill is boosted based on the number of allies’ graves on the battlefield.


  • 4-star Magician, specializes in massive AOE damage attacks.
  • Artistic Explosion Skill applies claw bombs to enemies when they attack her


New Language Event

Along with the new Mercenaries, Brown Dust is officially adding German language support, and that means we’re expecting a lot of new players to join the battle! To help welcome them, the Run SeiR Run! event will be running from June 13th through July 9th, and will reward any newcomers in that timeframe with a host of skill books, gold, diamonds, and much more.


Who Said the Evil Castle Was Hard?

Between June 13th and July 10th, the Evil Castle - one of Brown Dust’s most challenging dungeons is getting a special rewards event.  There are rewards for clearing specific floors and clearing certain number of missions.

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