KZ Naehyun: "The Yasuo-Gragas mid-jungle is the best comp if the two players’ teamwork is really good."

The King captured SKT in the Zone.


Kingzone DragonX, the first placed team of LCK 2019 Summer Split, continued their opponent’s losing streak. On the 13th of June (KST), Kingzone faced the defending champion SK Telecom T1 and defeated them 2-1. Their teamfight performance was enough to be called fantastic. They rushed the enemies’ sides without hesitation and achieved victory with Zoe’s head in hand.


The following is an interview with Kingzone’s mid laner Yoo “Naehyun” Nae-hyun.


How do you feel continuing the winning streak by winning against SKT?


Up to now, today’s win feels the best. We had taken a set from SKT, but we’ve never actually won against them. That made us feel really good.

As much as the match was against SKT, your team must have gone through thorough preparations. What did you mainly prepare for? Macro, picks & bans, or analysis on the opponent?


We prepared mainly on the picks & bans targetted on the bot and mid lanes. I think we prepared all games well. Even the set we lost, the picks & bans were satisfying.

Kingzone seems to start fights aggressively and seem to follow one shotcaller in those fights. This needs a specific shotcaller. Who’s the main shotcaller of the team, and what do you think about him?


Usually, the shotcalls come from TusiN and Cuzz. TusiN draws the big picture and Cuzz touches the details. Since we’re doing really well, I think they’re doing an amazing job. It’s very good when they make specific decisions when we don’t know what to do.

SKT played Yasuo-Gragas in Game 2 and won. You banned out Gragas in Game 3. What are Kingzone’s thoughts on Yasuo-Gragas?


In my opinion, the Yasuo-Gragas mid-jungle is the best comp if the two players’ teamwork is really good. I think it can beat any other comp. It’s still a bit hard to pick first, but it’s really good.

You played against Faker in an official match for the first time. How did it feel playing against him? How did it feel playing against SKT?


I’ve always thought Faker’s an amazing player, and he’s been doing well for long. I was really nervous about playing against him today; I think I’ll be able to do better next time because I wouldn’t be as nervous.

Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs. Both teams’ performances are really good this summer. How do you think it’ll go? What do you think about Ucal?


Afreeca is really free and unique in their picks & bans. I think they have similar team atmosphere with us. Ucal is really aggressive and his playing without hesitation stands out. I’m looking forward to playing against him.

Any last comments?


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