KZ Cuzz on TusiN: "Since he formerly was a jungler, it’s very convenient when he holds Smite."

On the 13th of June (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 7 match between Kingzone DragonX and SK Telecom T1, Kingzone continued their hot run in the league. Although they gave up a set, they were able to secure the victory 2-1. In the match, Park “TusiN” Jong-ik and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan delivered outstanding performances and were voted as MVPs.


You defeated SKT today. How do you feel?


TusiN: We haven’t beaten SKT yet, so we grit our teeth to win today. I’m very happy that we won.

Kingzone’s picks & bans were again impressive. How were the plans?


TusiN: We had many cards prepared and the situations allowed us to use them.

TusiN’s initiation at the end of Game 1 was amazing.


TusiN: We made a bad decision in that game, so we gave up the mid inhibitor. Fortunately, we were able to start a fight well and end.

(To Cuzz) It should be regretful on the Kha’Zix pick in Game 2. How was the feedback?


Cuzz: I was too aggressive when I tried to kill Yasuo in mid. I wasn’t careful enough.

In Game 3, you played Aatrox in the jungle. Didn’t you feel pressure?


Cuzz: Many people say that Aatrox is passive in the jungle, and isn’t that good. Personally, I was confident in playing him so I picked him.

Did you appeal that you want to play him?


Cuzz: Yes, I thought I would be able to win against Rek’Sai so I said that I want to play him.

In the Baron fight, you both Smited Baron and TusiN secured it.


TusiN: We had a better chance at the Smite fight because we have two Smites, and when we both have Smites, we never had it stolen, so we timed it well and went for it.

Does it help much when TusiN picks Unsealed Spellbook and helps with objectives?


Cuzz: Since he formerly was a jungler, it’s very convenient when he holds Smite.

Many people are saying that Kingzone is EU style. Do you watch their games often?


TusiN: We’re thankful that people evaluate us that. Our coaching staff watches foreign leagues often. They always plan good picks & bans for us.

Your next match is against Afreeca. How will you prepare?


Cuzz: I need to do my best in preparing since Dread is doing really well. Afreeca also utilizes unique picks, so we need to prepare for that as well.

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