Reworked Mordekaiser on a 55% Win Rate in KR Server… Is He OP?

When the reworked Mordekaiser's features were revealed to the public by Riot, fans were excited and also scared at the same time especially after seeing his new ultimate and imagining what it can actually bring to the Rift. His new R, "Realm of Death" banishes an opponent and Mordekasier for a 7-second dual. This means that he can make an opponent main dealer out of combat for a significant amount of time during a teamfight. On the other hand, some fans thought of the worst... this ultimate also seemed to be a perfect 'troll' skill. 

However, up to now, the new Mordekaiser seems to be the strongest champ ever remade by Riot. The reworked Iron Revenant has finally hit the live server... it's been only a day and numbers are proving that he is on his way of becoming the most popular pick in the current KR LoL server. 


▲ KR server pick ratio per game
▲ KR server ban ratio per game
▲ KR server win rate

Here are some statistics from OP.GG. In the past day, Mordekaiser has made it to the top 20 picks in the KR server. He's the 5th most banned champion and is on a 54.57% win rate. It is told that his current win rate is even higher than when Camille first made it to the Rift. He is also the most picked top champion and has the 2nd highest win rate in top lane.

However, although the phenomenal stats that this new Mordekaiser has been displaying, some are starting to doubt that he'll remain as an "OP" pick. First off, two of his skills are a non-target which means that we can expect his current win rate to soon drop after users adjust to his skillsets. Also, his ultimate seems to have clear counters; "Realm of Death" can be canceled using Gangplank's W, "Remove Scurvy" and Fiora's W, "Riposte". The two champions are quite commonly used in the top lane which can be a strong counter against Mordekaiser. You can also be safe from his ultimate by building the Quicksilver Sash. Despite the doubts, Mordekaiser is still such a powerful pick in the top lane. The AP damage on his skillsets makes him one of the strongest champions in 1 vs 1s even without his ultimate. The numbers are already proving that he is on his way to becoming an OP champion in the KR server. 

It is not sure whether Riot Games is planning to nerf Mordekaiser anytime soon. However, we might be seeing a rather early hotfix since some are starting to report numerous bugs on his ultimate. And if this turns out to be true, his hotfix might include some balance changes on his skillsets. 

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