100 Thieves Seeks to Make Experiments in Their Roster... Bang Performs in Academy

100 Thieves' mid laner, Soligo and bottom laner, Bang performs in their Academy team.

On the 13th of June, LCS' 100 Thieves announced that they will make some changes in their roster by starting Soligo and Bang in their Academy team.  With the team losing 4 straight games for this Summer Split, it seems that 100 Thieves are seeking to make experiments in their LoL team. 


As anticipated, the two players made it in the starting lineup against Golden Guardian Academy. The game went all the way to the 40-minute mark. The Golden Guardian Academy team managed to maintain their lead and eventually destroyed 3 inhibitors. They pushed through 100T's base using the Baron buff and secured their win. Soligo and Bang were on Sylas and Sivir; they finished on a 1/3/2 and 1/2/1 KDA each. 

Like 100T stated above, the two performing in the Academy is an 'experimental' change and they'll most likely move back to the LCS roster. As a matter of fact, numerous teams are also trying out new lineups using their Academy team such as OpTic Gaming starting their mid laner, Crown in both teams. 

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