SB Summit: "GRF and SKT are both really strong teams... We’ll do our best to take the match against SKT as well."

On the 12th of June (KST), in the second game of the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 6, SANDBOX Gaming brought down Griffin in a 2-1 match. Griffin picked Sona twice but lost both games that they picked Sona. SANDBOX Gaming had prepared perfect counters to the Sona comp and was able to take the victory. In the match, Park “Summit” Woo-tae and Kim “OnFleek” Jang-kyeom were voted as MVPs and were interviewed after the match.


You beat Griffin today. How do you feel?

Summit: I think they’re a strong team, but we had this good feeling today so I thought we would win, and we did.

Ghost was screaming so much during the game. He must have really wanted to win.

Summit: It wasn’t just him, we all really wanted to win.

(To OnFleek) Didn’t you feel pressured facing Tarzan because of his insanely high solo queue points?

OnFleek: Since I was confident in my own prowess, there was no pressure.

Summit’s Sylas has an extremely high winrate. Is there a reason you like Sylas?

: Sylas is good in laning and doesn’t lack in anything. We usually pick him if he goes through the picks & bans.

Sylas will be nerfed soon. Do you think it’ll still be a good pick after the nerf?

Summit: We’ll have to see.

How is he in solo queue?

Summit: He’s still really good.

(To OnFleek) You picked Elise in the last game. How did you end up picking Elise?

OnFleek: First, the Elise-Jayce comp is a well known synergetic comp. Other than that, I picked her because she’s also a good champ against Lee Sin.

The team didn’t ban Sona in any games. Did SANDBOX think it was alright to let Griffin pick her?

: It’s usually the bot duo’s decision. It seemed that they thought it was alright to play against, so we trusted them.

You took down the mid inhibitor really early in Game 3.

OnFleek: Akali and Aatrox were in the side lanes and they didn’t recall when we were penetrating, so we kept going.

And the Baron. Who called for it?

OnFleek: Ryze suggested hitting Baron using his ult. Since we had a mountain drake, it would have been fast. So we did, and it went well.

Your next match is against SK Telecom T1. You should have gained confidence that you could beat them.

Summit: Griffin and SKT are both really strong teams, but as much as we won today, we’ll do our best to take the match against SKT as well.

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