Black Desert Online KR Patch Notes, June 12th: Altar of Blood, Polly Forest Rework, and More

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Altar of Blood

"Like how it was introduced at the Heidel Ball, Altar of Blood is a 'defense' game mode that is played by parties of 3. After the announcement, countless adventurers from around the world gave us feedback regarding the Altar of Blood, and many were happy with the fact that they weren't forced to use a hunting rifle.
Some players said that it was too difficult, whereas some said that it was disappointing. We promise the players that we'll continue to monitor the game mode and use their precious feedback to improve the game mode over time. 
We're planning to launch more PVE content in the future. Until now, the only reason for end game gearing in PVE was for grinding. Our goal is to make the adventurers feel a sense of accomplishment from their gear progress in diverse ways."

● Adventurers who are Lv.60 and above will need to complete a required questline given by the Black Spirit to enter the Altar of Blood. 
● The Altar of Blood requires a party of 3 adventurers to enter. The party members must work side by side in order to protect the relic from waves of monsters. 

* Altar of Blood 
- Party leader can enter the Altar of Blood through the ESC menu.

- After entering the Altar, the leader may change depending on who entered the Altar first. (The original party leader can be repromoted to the leader position.)
- After entering, the party leader can select one of the many difficulties. 

- You cannot leave your party when inside the Altar of Blood.
- When the party leader selects a difficulty, it will drain 100 energy, and an NPC will appear. 
- After speaking with the NPC, the Altar will activate, and it'll drain an additional 20 energy.
- Once the Altar activates, monsters will spawn from all directions to destroy the relic at the center of the map. You must protect this relic.

- Being too close to the dark portal at the Altar can cause serious damage. You must move with caution.
- Once you reach 0 health, you can only revive through the means of Witch/Wizard's revival spell and the emergency medical kit.
- Defeating the boss that spawns near the end of each round will revive and heal all party members. 
- Once the boss spawns, the relic will stop taking damage.

- Defeating a boss will give you knowledge of the "illusion" of that given boss, and you're required to have that knowledge in order to progress to the next boss. 
- If all 3 party members are defeated, you'll fail the round. Every monster will disappear and the party will revive at full health. The party leader then will once again be prompted to select a difficulty. 
- You cannot use tents, maids, the world map, quest UI, and the minimap UI when inside the Altar of Blood.
- You will not gain any combat or skill experience from the monsters of the Altar of Blood.
- The drop rate of the Altar of Blood will not be affected by scrolls or any other form of buff that increases item drop rate.
- Up to level 5 of the Altar of Blood difficulty will be available this patch. Once you clear level 5, you will be moved outside. More levels will be added in future patches.

* Altar of Blood rewards.
- Each boss at the end of each round will drop 'The Forgotten One's Legacy'. 
- Opening a Forgotten's Legacy has a low chance of dropping the following items.

Armor Box Items
Armor Box of Deception 100% Chance of Receiving a TRI armor piece
Armor Box of Doubt 100% Chance of Receiving a TET armor piece
Armor Box of Desire 100% Chance of Receiving a PEN armor piece

- Depending on the rarity value of the armor box, you can receive the following:

Rarity Value Items
Green - Agerian
- Zereth
- Taritas
- Grunil
- Rocaba
- Talis
- Hercules'
- Heve
- Fortuna
Blue - Akum
- Lemoria
Yellow - Every Boss Armor

- The higher the level that you complete, the better the rewards.

● You can craft 'Ancient Flash-Bang' by combining three new ingredients. The flash-bang can only be used in the Altar of Blood. 
- When using the flash-bang, monsters within its range will be stunned for a brief amount of time. 
- Certain monsters and bosses are immune to this stun effect.



● Black Spirit: Raging Thunder's range will now better reflect on the skill's animation.


● Fixed an issue where casting Scratch towards the right would sometimes not show the skill's animation.
● Scratch's animation has been better adjusted.


● The drop rate of Dragon Scale Fossil from nighttime Sherekan has been doubled. Each Sherekan warrior can drop up to 2 scales. 
● You can now exchange 350 Dragon Scale Fossils for a +40 Advice of Valks.


● When defeating Vell, the loot from the boss will move straight to your Black Spirit Safe.
● The mushroom creatures inhabiting Polly Forest has experienced a growth spurt, increasing their combat effectiveness.
- Polly Forest's recommended AP has been changed to 160.
- The mushrooms' HP has doubled, their AP has increased by 30%, and their DP has been increased by 25%.
- Polly Forest monsters will grant +80% increased combat experience and +60% increased skill experience.
- The price of the trash loot from the mushrooms has been increased to 1,700 silver.
- The mushrooms' poison damage has been increased to 15 damage over 3 seconds.

● Defeating Pila Ku monsters will now restore 5 times the karma. 
We want to thank the player that gave us feedback, saying, "Please let our karma heal faster when we defeat evil monsters."

●Gyfin Rhasia monsters will awake from their statue form 20% faster, have 20% increased attack speed, and chase 30% faster. 


● When the world map is open, hitting space bar will center the camera to your character. 
● Your world map avatar will now either grow or decrease in size depending on the zoom intensity of the camera. 


● The silver value of your items in storage will now better reflect on the market's item value. 
● You can now interact with NPC's while mounted.
- You can only interact while mounted when you're standing still or walking. 
- While mounted, you cannot interact with NPC's or objectives that require your character to perform certain gestures or actions.


● The donkey mounts' 'fast-walking' animation has been changed to a running animation.

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  • 1

    level 1 Hatsumi

    "● You can now exchange 350 Dragon Scale Fossils for a +40 Advice of Valks."

    Sorry, but itll dont work, nobody in SA use this to get +20fs because the value of 30 scales its to expensive (in SA, the value in silver is between 18~23mi), 350 scales and the price go to f***ing 231~236mi, thats doesnt make any sense, its much better if i buy a green armor TET and extract the fs for that...
    Bad implementation :/

  • 1

    level 1 Nathan_Nogueira

    ● You can now exchange 350 Dragon Scale Fossils for a +40 Advice of Valks.

    This must be a bad joke. ¬¬'

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