Fl0w3R: "We feel confident, but will also be very cautious."


Below are Fl0w3R's interview with us after the team's victory against Misfits today.


How does it feel to win the first match?

I was actually nervous because it has been a while since we played in a major event, and it feels awesome to have a good start. Our game was not perfect as we made some mistakes like going to far from our point when we were defending, but we managed to pull ourselves together and win the game after all.


What do you think about Misfits?

I thought they would abandon their triple DPS formation and go with triple tank. Contrary to what I thought, they actually managed to keep their original formation of triple DPS. It came to us as a surprise, but I think we dealt with it well enough.


LW had gone through roster changes recently prior to APEX. What do you think about that?

LW Blue is the team that is made to win, and I think it was a necessary measure to swap certain players. Both LW Blue and Red teammates are happy with that decision, and I feel the same. 


Are you positive about LW Blue in Season 2 APEX?

I am expecting us to come first among others in the group. I feel confident, but I am also aware that there are many strong teams out there. We are very cautious about all the teams we will meet in the tournament.


What is the story behind your nickname change?

I was originally using the current nickname Fl0w3R, but the coach told me that I should come up with an alias with more impact. That's how I came up with the name nanohana. There still was varied opinion surrounding my nickname because some preferred nanohana while others preferred Fl0w3R. I personally prefer Fl0w3R.


Your next matchup is with Lunatic-Hai. How do you expect the match to turn out after zunba and WhoRU's recent arrival?

Lunatic-Hai can now come up with team compositions they could not come up with in the past. I think we should be careful about how flexible the team can be in terms of its strategy. We had won against them before, but I think we can never be too optimistic because you never know what a rebuilt team will be like. We will be very cautious.


Some of your friends from last season could not make it here. Did you have any chance to speak with them?

Kruise told me he wishes that I finish the season successfully and really supported me. I also talked a lot with TviQ whom I played against today. I have also talked with Surefour, but haven't really had much chance to play many games with him.


Any words to your fans?

It was a cold day today, and I am really grateful for everyone that watched our game today.

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