[Weekly LCK: Hot and Cold] Still Jetlagged? - Struggling SK Telecom T1

The first week of the LCK has gone by like a breeze. Expected results came out as well as surprises and upsets. A pentakill was recorded by DAMWON Gaming Heo "Showmaker" Su's Camille on the opening match. Aatrox had the most appearances while Yuumi also made her debut in the LCK. For those of you who haven’t had the time to see everything, we’ll bring you a brief glance at how the first week of the LCK went.


HotKingzone DragonX, Afreeca Freecs

Kingzone DragonX quickly rose to the top by winning both of their matches this week. They did not give up a single game in their Bo3s against Gen.G Esports and SANDBOX Gaming. Although Heo “PawN” Won-seok was removed from the roster due to health issues, Yoo “Naehyun” Nae-hyun filled his spot in mid lane perfectly.

Kingzone utilized rather unique picks in the LCK like Karthus jungle, Sona bot, and Viktor bot. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu boasted his prowess by topping the damage dealt graph with Sona, dealing nearly as much as the total damage of his opponents. Judging by only this week’s performances from the teams, Kingzone seems to be the favorites this season.


Afreeca Freecs'
two games were against the defending champions and runner-up of the spring split. They fell to Griffin, in a well-fought match, but were able to bring down the champions, SK Telecom T1. As many players and coaches predicted, Afreeca’s performance was a lot better than the spring season, with Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon coming back stronger.

Especially, Lee “Dread” Jin-hyeok’s performance in the jungle was remarkable, being voted as the MVP for two games. Even in the games that they lost, Dread's performance shined. Although they went 1-1 for the week, considering they’ve played the top two teams from last season, their results from week 1 aren’t that bad.

ColdSK Telecom T1

After a disappointing MSI, defending champions SK Telecom T1 struggled through week 1 of the summer split. Their first match was against Jin Air Green Wings, the last placed team of last season. No one thought Jin Air stood a chance, but SKT nearly lost the match. “It felt like we were still a bit jetlagged recently while we were preparing,” said Kim “Khan” Dong-ha after the match. Their performance in the second match wasn't that different where they suffered a loss to Afreeca Freecs. As one of the heavy favorites of the league, they need to step up their gear, fast.


Player of the WeekKingzone DragonX Rascal

Having had the 2-year anniversary of his debut recently, Kingzone DragonX top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee had a spectacular week. Last season, he boasted his diversity by playing many different champions. This week, he pulled out Camille, Irelia, and Sylas, contributing to the team’s victory by all means. Rascal had an unfavorable matchup in lane in his last match, but he sacrificed for the team to focus on having better synergy in the team comp. Even so, Rascal had a 7/3/6 performance in that match.

Although his KDA is the lowest among his teammates, Rascal had the highest kill participation in the league. The well-timed and accurate skillshots led him to two MVPs among the four games he played.

Picks & BansAatrox, Sylas, and Sejuani 100% PB Rate

A total of 61 champions was picked or banned in the first week of LCK. Aatrox was picked 13 times, Sylas, Ezreal 11 times followed by Lee Sin, Sejuani with 10 times. Aatrox, Sejuani, and Sylas had a 100% PB rate, and Yuumi nearly made it to 100% until she was left out in the last game between SKT and AF. Ryze was another champion that was left out only in one game.


Sylas (9/11), Sejuani (8/10), and Camille (5/6) had 80%+ win rate in their matches. Aatrox, although he was 100% in the picks and bans, only had a 30.8% win rate, winning 4 while dropping 9. Ryze also had a below 50 win rate. Yuumi wasn’t able to take a win in the two games that she was picked. Meanwhile, Sona won all three games in which she was picked.



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