EnVyUs HarryHook: "It seems harder to win this season."


The second season of Overwatch APEX Tournament kicked off with EnVyUs vs. MVP Infinity matchup. Contrary to what many fans have expected, today's matchup featured a close fight in between MVP's solid teamwork with Easybro and the defending champion nV's flexible strategy. HarryHook continued to stand in the center of nV as the team's main DPS, running around for better positioning and smoothly tracking down the enemies to death. HarryHook shared with us his impressions about the team's first victory of the season, their further plans, and Mickie's undying obsession with his intimate body part.


How do you feel winning the first match?

We've only won our first match and there is still a long way to go, but it still feels great to win. MVP's team formation was certainly hard for us to deal with because we didn't have as much chance to practice together and come up with good enough solution to deal with Genji and Tracer that MVP played a lot today. We still have to see how things turn out after the new patch hits live, but we will keep doing what we can.


You said MVP was hard for you to deal with. How did you manage to win?

We played Soldier: 76 four times and it was working because it somehow forced the enemy team to change formation and they were having hard time because of that. I think our experience with Afreeca Freecs Blue also made us better in countering Genji.


INTERNETHULK said that the team will be more aggressive with more DPS. What are your thoughts about that?

I personally think it is best to be aggressive, as I think it is also the best defense. I think playing defensively is not as good. I think we will keep having more DPS because it worked pretty well today. I don't know how it will turn out after the patch, but we want to bring more diversity to our strategy. For example, Mickie is an all-rounder and he can do much more than playing only D.Va or Zarya. We can practice with Mickie playing different heroes and diversify our team formation. So far it's working fine, and we are looking forward to coming up with more diverse team composition


What are your thoughts about BK Stars and The Meta, the next two teams you are going to play against?

BK Stars was really good in the previous season, but I don't know how good they are now. I heard The Meta played against MVP and that they are really good, so we cannot be super cocky. We will just play the game the way we prepared and see how it goes. We won the first game and there is still a long way to go. We'll see how things turn out.


What do you think about HULK's new hair?

Nah... I don't think he looks cool with that hair.


Does Mickie still touch your chest?

He does not touch me as much as he used to, but he still does. I just don't know why...


Do you think you will be able to defend your title as the champion?

This season will definitely be more interesting because there are new teams. The new teams seem strong, like MVP today. It seems harder for us to win this season, and thus more interesting. I think it would feel even more amazing to win the tournament because I find this season more challenging. We didn't get chance to scrim as much so it is hard to tell yet. I think Korea is still really good. LW Blue and AF Blue still seem strong.

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