AF Kiin: "When I first joined Afreeca, I was nervous facing Khan because he’s a good player... I'm not nervous anymore."

On the 9th (KST), Afreeca Freecs and SK Telecom T1 clashed in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. Afreeca defeated SKT 2-1 and were able to secure their first win of the season. In all three games, Kim “Kiin” Gi-in picked Aatrox and contributed to the team’s victory. After the match, Kiin had an interview with the media.


It was the first win of the season for Afreeca. How do you feel?

We had many favorites in the early schedule. We lost to Griffin, but it’s a relief that we were able to beat SKT 2-1.

Interim head coach NoFe was crying in the waiting room. How did you feel seeing him cry?

It was the first win this summer. We actually nearly forgot how our coaches reacted after winning since it’s been quite long since we won, but seeing him cry like that, I thought we should let him see us winning more.

It seemed that Kiin rather struggled against Khan up to now. Were you aware? How did you prepare to play against Khan?

When I first joined Afreeca, I was nervous facing Khan because he’s a good player. Now that I have some experience, I’m not as nervous anymore.

Afreeca seems to be different compared to before. Did the team color change?

The meta is one where we fight a lot, so we’re trying to follow that. Also, since everybody’s mechanics are outstanding, we’re trying to sharpen our best weapon.

You played Aatrox in all three games today. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

I think Aatrox goes well with me. As for today’s performance, there were several regretful moments, so I’m not as satisfied. I missed too many skillshots in fights today.

You had said that you don’t like Aatrox, but you’re playing him because the team requires you to. What changed?

I did say that I don’t like him, but since I’ve played him so many times, it changed.

The comms sound really excited at times.

In the spring, they didn’t show the comms much, but now they’re showing it often. It seems that Ucal is overly excited in the comms. I think he acts like that on purpose since they show the comms more often now.

Game 2 was a turnaround in a situation where it was hard to lose. How was the feedback?

There was a point where we seemed to have lost our concentration. We had feedback on that.

When did you think that you won in Game 3?

We weren’t sure, but when we got the double kill in bot lane, we thought we had the upper hand.

Your next match is against Hanwha Life Esports. How will you prepare?

I watched their match, and they also play prioritizing their mechanics. If we both focus on mechanics, I believe we would be better.

Many champions are often swapping lanes. Are there any champions that you’re preparing?

I’m practicing all the champions others are practicing. Rather than preparing a pocket pick, I’m trying to focus on the basics.

Are there any champions you’re more interested in?

Pyke seems fun.

Any last comments?

After our match against Griffin, many people started to have high expectations for us. I think we were able to take down SKT today because of that. We’ll prepare for Hanwha Life Esports well so that we can win that one too.

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