KZ Naehyun: "The player I want to face and beat the most is Rookie. Personally, I think he’s amazing."

On the 9th of June (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, Kingzone DragonX reigned over SANDBOX Gaming 2-0. Kingzone mid laner Yoo “Naehyun” Nae-hyun played Ryze and Neeko in the two games and contributed to the team’s victory. After the match, we sat with Naehyun for an interview.


The first week of the season has gone. How is it going?

We were able to win both matches in week 1. I feel good because the results are good even though I had worries. It’s true that I felt pressure because I was just a substitute and played only three games in the spring season. I’m satisfied with the results I got this week.

How would you rate your performance up to now?

I probably can’t be satisfied, but I’m trying to be satisfied with just the results. I’m not satisfied with my own performance.

You’ve been to many different teams. How does it feel playing as a starter in the LCK?

Thinking of before, it feels like I’m dreaming. The fact that I’m a starting member of one of the top teams in the LCK is like a dream to me.

Many people say that you have a good first impression. How’s your personality? Do you get along well with your teammates?

My team looks after me a lot, and I try to return the favor. I’m one of the oldest in our team, and it was a bit difficult blending in with younger players, but it’s alright now.

It seems that some people might not know you as well. What kind of mid laner are you?

Many people think I’m a mid laner that’s good at supporting champions, but I’m a mid laner that’s also very good in aggressive champions as well.

Is there a pick that you’re the most confident in?

I didn’t use him recently, but I’m confident in playing Aurelion Sol. Jayce is also a champion that I’m confident with. With Lulu, I can pull her out in any situation.

Is there a player that you’d like to face and beat?

The player I want to face and beat the most is Rookie. Personally, I think he’s amazing. Besides him, I don’t think there’s anybody.

What would be your goal for this year?

First, it would be winning summer. Then, it would probably be the same for everybody, but it would be winning Worlds. To make that goal, we need to win summer.

Lastly, a word to the fans?

Many fans give comments of worries because PawN isn’t playing. I think we would be even better if you cheer and encourage us instead of worrying.

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