KZ Deft on Sona: "She has buff skills and CC, with decent damage as well. I think she needs to be nerfed."

On June 9th (KST), Kingzone DragonX faced SANDBOX Gaming in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. In the match, Kingzone defeated SANDBOX 2-0 and continued their successful run in the summer split. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu delivered top performance in the match with Sivir and Sona. Especially, he dealt the more damage than any other player in Game 2 with Sona. After the match, he had an interview with the media.


It’s your second consecutive win. How do you feel?

Both games today were a bit difficult in the early game, but I feel good because we were able to win 2-0.

You showed your versatility by playing Sivir and Sona in today’s match. Are you satisfied with your performance?

I think I did pretty well in Game 2, but in Game 1, I missed some CS that I could have taken during the laning phase. I made a few mistakes during teamfights as well so I don’t think I was that good.

Both games were turnarounds. What do you think the team did well to do so?

In both games, our comps weren’t to gain the early game initiative. Unless we collapsed big time, we would have had better comp synergy as the game went on. We were able to win today because the picks & bans went as we thought. I practiced Sona a lot, and it felt that if she didn’t get stomped, we would be able to win in later teamfights.

Rascal suffered the whole time in the laning phase. Did you say anything to him?

We knew that it’s a difficult matchup from scrims. Even so, we wanted to maximize our comp synergy so we kept encouraging him. (Rascal said that he feels like he’s going to pass out in the comms.) During practice, he didn’t give up a solo kill. I think that might be why he said that. Summit did really well.

In Game 2, you dealt the most damage among all the players with Sona.

I usually dealt the most damage with Sona in ranked games as well. She has buff skills and CC, with decent damage as well. I think she needs to be nerfed. When I play an ADC, if Sona is on the other side, it’s really stressful. There are times when we smash the opponent severely and lose at the end in those situations.

Many people are saying that Kingzone DragonX absorbed the most recent popular meta well.

From the spring split, we aimed to catch the proper moment for teamfights. We made many mistakes today, but it didn’t show much. I think we still have to improve those parts. Honestly, we still don’t know what our own style is. (Laughs) But it does feel that we find solutions to champions and comps really fast.

Your next opponent is SK Telecom T1.

We weren’t able to beat them in the spring split. The first goal of our summer split is taking down SKT. Unless we can fix the mistakes we made today, it’ll be a hard match.

Any last comments?

We want to deliver better performance than the spring, so we’re all doing our best. Please keep cheering for us. Thank you.

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    level 1 plumpunpeach

    wtf? nerf? NERF? potangina mo, dude shes dead cant do anything anymroe heals are 30 hp q deals 40 damage ,stfu! Nerf?????

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