KZ Deft: "In the recent metas, bot laners need to know how to play non-ADCs."

On the 7th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split match between Gen.G Esports and Kingzone DragonX, Kingzone was able to come up on top 2-0. Yuumi had her first appearance in the LCK, but Kingzone countered with Viktor-Pyke in bot lane. After the match, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu sat with Inven Global for an interview.


How do you feel winning the first match of the season?


It’s been about two months since we’ve been playing, and one of our members changed. I feel good that we won 2-0 even so.

After it was announced that PawN won’t be playing, weren’t you worried?


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. However, PawN and Naehyun nearly equally shared time during practice, so I had faith in Naehyun that he can do well.

How was the team atmosphere?


When we first started practicing, many things had changed so it wasn’t that good. Fortunately, our performance got better just before the summer split started. I think we would continue to improve.

What were your intentions when you let through Yuumi?


We had some picks prepared to counter Yuumi, but as the picks & bans went on, we weren’t able to pick them. We improvised and picked Viktor, and I think he’s pretty good. I’ll be able to pick him again against Yuumi next time. After playing today, I think it would be alright to let Yuumi through again.

Rumor says that you locked in Syndra in solo queue as soon as the MSI was over. Are you practicing non-ADCs often?


For non-ADCs… I don’t practice that much, but in the recent metas, bot laners need to know how to play them. I try each champion a few times and practice the ones that seem good.

How is Naehyun?


PawN has a long career and as much as he does, he’s confident when leads the shotcalls. As for Naehyun, he’s a bit less confident, maybe because he wasn’t able to get good results in his previous team, but our coaching staff is trying to grow his confidence. He’s getting more and more confident. I think his laning or champion pool is really good; if he just gains confidence, he can beat anybody.

With today’s match, a lot of fans would have been relieved. Can you express your determination for the Summer?


We had an unstable start in the spring and had low expectations. I feel relieved because it seems we were able to lift the worries toward us a bit. I’d like to get to the finals, which we weren’t able to reach in the spring, and get to Worlds as well, so I’ll be doing my best.

And a word to PawN who probably watched today’s match?


It would have been good if he was able to play… I still have my fingers crossed that he gets better so that he could return in Round 2. We’ll be doing well until you do, so get better and come back healthy.

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