SB Summit: "I want to beat Griffin no matter what [this season]. They’re the only team we weren’t able to beat in the spring."

On June 6th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming played Hanwha Life Esports in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. It was the first match for both teams this season. During the spring split, SANDBOX Gaming did not give up a single game against Hanwha Life Esports, and the one-sided record between the two teams continued as SANDBOX Gaming won 2-0. In the match, Park “Summit” Woo-tae picked Sylas in both games and delivered spectacular performance and led the team to victory. After the match, Summit took a moment for an interview.


You won the first match of the season. How do you feel?

Hanwha Life Esports isn’t an easy team to beat. It’s a relief we won. It’s good to have a good start.

Top Sylas was amazing from the beginning to the end. Even in the laning phase. Is he a top-tier pick still?

I wouldn’t say Sylas is top-tier regarding the laning phase, but he can make many variables and contribute in many ways during teamfights. So yes, I think he’s a top-tier pick.

What’s Sylas’ biggest strength?

Making variables. Sylas can utilize skills that opponents can’t predict and has high mobility. Since Sylas’ ult isn’t fixed, it’s difficult to play against.

You only played Sylas today, but are there other picks that you’re preparing?

Yes, yes, yes. (Laughs) There are so many picks… I just played Sylas today because the picks & bans were perfect to play Sylas. Even if the drafts go in other directions, I have many picks prepared.

Then are there any champions you would recommend in solo queue?

Champions that are strong in lane, like Jayce, Sylas, or Ryze. These picks are good regardless of the opponent.

SANDBOX has been always good at collecting Dragons, last season, and today too.

Having initiative over the bot lane is important when getting the dragons, but top lane is also very important. I would say that my ability to stack aggro at top while surviving is related to the many dragons we get.

Since the MSI, top Pyke is on the rise. What are your thoughts on top Pyke? Have you been practicing?

I think it’s a good pick. Really good. But you need to be very skilled in playing him. Pyke gets more and more efficient depending on the level of skill of the player. And yes, of course, I’m practicing him. (Laughs)

You seem to be really confident in playing against Thal.

Rather than me against Thal, our team as a whole has a good record against Hanwha Life Esports. I think had a positive effect on my performance against Thal. (SANDBOX knows how to deal with Hanwha Life’s aggressive style?) I think that’s it.

Who’s the top laner you’re looking out for the most?

I’m looking out for Afreeca Freecs’ Kiin the most. He’s a good player, but I wouldn’t say he’s better than I am. You’ll never know what’ll happen. Still, he's the player I'm looking out for the most.

Last season was not bad for a team that was promoted. What are your goals for this season?

First, I want to have better results than the spring. If I’m a bit greedy, I’d like to reach Worlds.

Any team you would like to beat this season no matter what?

I want to beat Griffin no matter what [this season]. They’re the only team we weren’t able to beat in the spring. They’re a team that has good teamwork, so we would need to play strong and create many variables to win.

SANDBOX doesn’t have a substitute top or support this season. Is there any pressure on that?

I wouldn’t say I’m any pressured, but I do feel bigger responsibility. Whether there’s a sub or not, I always think I should do my best in what I do.

Lastly, a word to the fans?

The weather isn’t very good today; I’m thankful to the fans who came her regardless of the weather. I’m also thankful to those who are watching from home. And a special thank you to our CEO Lee Pil-seong for caring for us so much.

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