GEN Peanut on KZ: "PawN has not been included in this Summer roster... wouldn't that make it a bit easier for us to win?"

On the 5th (KST), Gen.G Esports defeated DAMWON Gaming 2:1 in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 1. With Gen.G's jungler, Peanut performing well on Skarner-Sejuani , their new mid laner, Kuzan, who made his comeback to the LCK, also displayed solid performance during the series. 

After the match, Peanut and Kuzan joined the press room for a post-match interview.

How does it feel to secure a win in your first match for the Summer? 

Peanut: Our first match for Spring was also against DAMWON Gaming. I didn't expect to face them again... I feel good that we've come from behind and won. Since we were preparing well, I thought that it'd be nice to have a good start. I'm happy that we actually succeeded. 

Kuzan: Peanut told me that we lost a lot against DAMWON. That's why I really wanted this victory. I wanted to make Peanut happy. (laughs)



How's the mid-jungle teamwork? 

Kuzan: Although I'm not sure how Peanut thinks, I personally believe that we're a good match. I'm relying on him a lot. I made mistakes and died during practice and today as well. I think I'll have to improve on that. 

Peanut: I'm the one who talks more when we share calls during the game so that's probably why Kuzan thinks like that. (laughs) We're both relying a lot on each other. 



The team has a total of 3 mid laners in the roster. 

Kuzan: At first we had 2 and all of a sudden we now have 3. We're probably going to put in more effort with all the competition going around. And personally, I will try much harder as well. I think this will help me. To think of it, I always had to go through competition [during my pro career]. As long as I don't underperform in our next scrim, wouldn't I be able to perform on stage? (laughs)



You will face Kingzone DragonX next. 

Peanut: Kingzone always was a team that performed well until the end. PawN has not been included in this Summer roster, but he performed exceptionally during the later half of the Spring Split. So, wouldn't that make it a bit easier for us to win? Since we were first to perform in this Summer, we might be on a slight disadvantage during the Pick&Ban phase. 



What has changed compared to the Spring Split? 

Peanut: The most visible difference would be our roster. Another one would be that we've won our first match. Also, our front and team staff supported us a lot. They responded well to our requests. Our head coach and coaches were very supportive too. After the monitors used for the official match changed, they changed our gaming house monitors right away. I think we won today because of all of their ongoing support. 



Do you have any last words?

Peanut: We made a good start by winning the first match.  I'm happy that we've made results since our fans were excited and concerned at the same time going into this Summer. I'm going to prepare well and win again in our next match. 

Kuzan: I think that we now have a bigger chance [of winning] since the mid laner for Kingzone changed. I'm going to prepare well and aim for a two-game winning streak.

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