KT Bdd: "PraY is a veteran player. I believe that he will deliver his 100% very soon. His comeback is the most powerful weapon of KT."

Bdd showed his respect on PraY’s comeback.

On the 6th of June (KST), kt Rolster defeated Jin Air Greenwings 2-0 in the 2019 LCK Summer held in the LoL PARK located in Jongro, Seoul. It was the first match PraY played for kt Rolster after making his comeback. PraY proved that he is still competitive enough to perform as a pro player in the LCK.

Bdd, who has a long history with PraY, told that he had a high expectation on his comeback. He stated that kt Rolster will display better performance compared to their last split with PraY joining the team.


The following is the interview with kt Rolster Bdd.


Today’s match is your first match after you survived in the Promotions. How was the match?


I was highly pressured ever since KT’s promotion/relegation match was confirmed. But I felt better while preparing for that series; our scrim results were good. I also changed my mindset. I tried to enjoy it because I thought being under pressure was nothing good for me.  

Did you watch the MSI? Major international tournaments could be a great motivation for most pro players.


Every time I saw it, I learned a lot. Foreign teams seemed to try out new metas freely which is very different compared to LCK Teams. This made me admire to perform in international stages. I think we still have the chance to get there one day. The team and I are performing good these days.

There is a metaphor about LCK, LEC, and LPL.

LCK is like playing on a standing-fight rule. When they land a clean hit on the opponent, they count to ten and strike back. LPL functions on a UFC rule, so they don’t stop pounding until the game is over. And LEC has no rule on fighting. They are free to use various methods to win.   

What kind of style do you prefer to play in?


Although I have no thoughts about it, I’ve always been envying other foreign players being bold in their plays. They are, in general, better on stage compared to scrims. For me, I’m better at scrims. I really wish to display the same amount of performance I deliver during scrims. But it sometimes doesn’t go as planned.


Which team do you really want to win against?


Definitely SKT T1. We were literally so close to defeat them. We lost because we gave over our chances. I sware that I’ll not miss those chances again during the match against SKT.  

PraY joined KT going into this Summer. How was it like when you first met PraY in the KT gaming house?

When I first saw him in the KT gaming house, I was so happy that I wanted to hug him. But I didn’t do that since PraY doesn’t like someone touching his body. I couldn’t even think of trying because it has been quite a long while to meet him in person again.

Although I had not expressed how much I’m excited to see him come back to the scene that much, I am actually very happy. PraY is a veteran player. I believe that he will deliver his 100% very soon. His comeback is the most powerful weapon of kt Rolster.  

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