KT Kingen on Top Pyke: "During practice, we thought that he went well with our team style... so we were considering to pick Pyke during the Picks & Bans."

On the 5th of June (KST), the opening match for the 2019 LCK Summer, kt Rolster versus Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) took place in the LoL PARK Seoul, Korea. 

Although Jin Air did perform solidly in game 2, KT was the better team in skirmishes and teamfights during this series. With Kingen starting in the top lane for KT, he displayed concrete laning abilities. He was the key player for KT during teamfights in both games and led the team to victory.  

After the match, the MVP of the series, Kingen joined the stage for a post-match live interview. 


You were included in the starting lineup. Didn't you feel pressured or nervous? 

Kingen: Since our practice went pretty well, I didn't feel any pressure today. 


You were named the MVP for both games 1 and 2. When you picked Pyke in game 1, did you ask your team for the pick? 

During practice, we thought that Pyke went well with our team style. I also preferred to play him too so we were considering to pick Pyke during the Picks & Bans. 


How should you use Pyke in team games? 

You should be able to quickly snowball near the bottom lanes and win near bot using Pyke. 


The team seemed to focus a lot near the bottom lane. Was it part of the team's strategy?

We planned to quickly finish the bottom laning phase before the opponent had the chance to hit the top tier 1 turret. 


How did you guys manage to secure First Blood in game 1?

I was pretty sure that they didn't have vision. That's why we waited near in the brush. 


What kind of feedback did you share with your team after game 1?

"Let's stick to what we've been doing."


In game 2, you initiated a teamfight which led the team to victory. 

I was thinking of pushing through top lane, but it seemed that the opponent didn't have any vision near the mid brush. That's why I waited and initiated a teamfight. 


Your parents came to the stadium today. Do you have anything to say?

Since they live in Daegu, it's really hard to visit [the LoL PARK]. It must have been tough to come all the way to see me perform since they work... thank you so much for your support. 

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