Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes May 31st - Striker Damage Buffs and New Combos


● Fallout's camera angle has been adjusted.
● While in Gardbrace form, Pressing 'S+RMB' will now cast Fist Fury. 
● Fist Fury's last hit has had its vertical range decreased so that its attacks will be more concentrated. 
● The combo transition from Fist Fury to Roaring Tiger has been smoothened. 
● While in Gauntlet form, pressing 'W+RMB' will now cast Ferocious Assault. 
● Ultimate Crush's last hit has had its horizontal range increased and its vertical range decreased. The attack will be more centered and concentrated.
- Ultimate Crush's last hit's 4th attack has been changed to be more concentrated in an area in front of the Striker.
● Ultimate Crush's Echo Spirit's summon location has been adjusted.
- The summon location has been changed so that the Echo Spirit can better attack Striker's targets. 
● Ultimate Crush's PVE damage has been adjusted:

Skill Current Damage Damage After Buff
Ultimate Crush I 588% x 3 643% x 3
Ultimate Crush II 707% x 3 799% x 3
Ultimate Crush III 827% x 3 955% x 3
Ultimate Crush IV 945% x 3 1111% x 3

● Skull Crusher now has a 100% critical hit chance in PVE.
● A new command has been added. Pressing 'F' during Ferocious Assault will now cast Skull Crusher.
● Infernal Destruction's Echo Spirit's attack range has been increased.
● An issue where Land Buster's last hit would only strike once has been fixed. 
● Infernal Destruction's sweeping attack's PVE damage has been adjusted:

Skill Current Damage  Damage After Buff
Infernal Destruction I 538% x 4 699% x 4
Infernal Destruction II 618% x 6 803% x 6
Infernal Destruction III 709% x 6 921% x 6
Infernal Destruction IV 800% x 6 1040% x 6

● Rampaging Predator will now strike 2 additional times in PVE.
● Endless Fight's PVE damage has been adjusted:

Skill Current Damage Damage After Buff
Endless Fight's 1 Hit Damage 763% x 3 1066% x 3
Endless Fight's 2 Hit Damage 610% x 3 959% x 3

● Endless Explosion will have additional critical hit chance in PVE.
● Pressing LMB right after Endless Explosion's last hit will combo into 'Endless Fight's 2 Hit'. 
● You can now cast 'Flow: Mass Destruction and Ferocious Assault' by pressing its command keys while casting Endless Explosion. 
● Combo skills following Ferocious Assault and Rampaging Predator has had its combo speed increased. 
● Wolf's Fang's PVE damage has been adjusted:

Skill Current Damage Damage After Buff
Wolf's Fang I 51% x 4 255% x 4
Wolf's Fang II 79% x 4 397% x 4
Wolf's Fang III 107% x 4 539% x 4
Wolf's Fang IV 136% x 4 681% x 4
Wolf's Fang V 164% x 4 823% x 4
Absolute: Wolf's Fang 352% x 4 1230% x 4

● An issue where Land Buster I and Land Buster II's right sweeping attack's last hit only striked once has been fixed. 

Striker & Mystic

● Stiffness from 'Flow: Prey Hunt' will now only be applied to PVE targets.

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Comments :7

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    level 1 Mario_Denis

    Kuno damage buff when?

  • 0

    level 1 Ryan_Alfani


    Hi i want to ask something about teaser video that pearl abyss share at youtube kind of like this what is this teaser about? Promotional video? Or something else? Thanks

    • 0

      level 34 Ready


      That specific video isn't a teaser. It's a trailer!

  • 0

    level 1 spooky038


    ● While in Gauntlet form, pressing 'W+LMB' will now cast Ferocious Assault. It's w+rmb

    • 0

      level 34 Ready


      Thanks for the correction! We've made the proper edit :)

  • 0

    level 1 AdmiralPenguin

    This is not buff,this is bullshit

  • 0

    level 1 Jayami

    In case any devs read this, please do not remove the stiffen from Prey Hunt. It is rewarding to land because it generally requires some level of preparation or execution, and there are several other protected CCs that don't require this and would make healthier nerfs. Thanks.

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