Watch the Games in a Players' Point of View! Riot Introduces the "Pro View" Starting This Summer

Starting from this Summer, Riot Games will launch their new streaming service, "Pro View" in the LCS and LEC.

So, what exactly is this Pro View? It's a service that allows you to watch the games in a players' point of view (POV). One can control up to four POV streams at once using the "Multiview". If you missed an important teamfight, just simply go through the "Advanced Timeline" below where kills and objectives are marked. While watching the in-game POV streams, you can also browse through and check in-game stats and highlights. 

This new LoL broadcast technology will only be covering the LCS / LEC. Although exact schedules haven't been revealed, Riot Games did state that they will soon launch the Pro View for other regions so fans will have to wait for more. 

The Pro View is available for purchase in the official LoL Esports website. LCS access is offered for a price of $14.99 and LEC for €14.99.  If you're seeking to watch the LCS and LEC, one can buy both with a bundle price of $19.99. The Pro View will include only the English caster audio for this 2019 Summer Split.


Image: Riot Games

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