SKT Faker: "We'll use what we had learned from 2019 MSI to further improve ourselves for summer."

On the 29th, during the 2019 LCK Summer profile photoshoot, our team happened upon an opportunity to speak with SKT Faker and hear from him about his resolution for the upcoming summer split. 

"There isn't much time until LCK summer begins. I want our team to perform well from the very start, instead of struggling early as we had during spring. We'll look back at the games that we had lost last split and during the 2019 MSI to come back stronger in the summer," Faker said.

He then gave his impression of the 2019 MSI. "Each team competing at the MSI had its own unique playstyle. They had found some very powerful picks, so I felt that we need to keep a close eye on what champions are being picked and banned in the foreign leagues."

Faker also shared that he didn't have much time to rest. "There were multiple events that I needed to attend. I had about a 4-day break before I began practicing again."

When asked about the recent meta changes, Faker responded, "The meta has been seeing a lot of changes - it's too soon to say anything about it. What I can say, however, is that we're going to learn the other teams' unique champion picks and make it our own. It hasn't been long since the meta started reshaping, so it'll be important for our team to adapt to it as quickly as possible."

He then chose Griffin as the team to watch out for. "As always, I believe Griffin will be a fearsome opponent. I also think that the LCK teams who underperformed during the spring split will perform better this summer, as they had more time to develop stronger teamwork." 

Lastly, Faker stated, "I wasn't satisfied with my spring performance. So I want to do better in the summer. Although our team didn't meet the fans' expectations during MSI, we'll use what we had learned from that tournament to further improve ourselves for summer."

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