[BDO KR] GM Notes April 4th-May 22nd: "This is how Black Desert Online will change."

Just a few days remain before Pearl Abyss begins self-servicing Black Desert Online KR. While players are in wait, GM Ethan had showcased a number of new features, and improvements made to the old ones through their new official website. The following are all the GM Notes that he had posted from April 4th to May 22nd. (A new GM Note is posted every Wednesday each week.)

※  Please note that some of the changes listed on this article may or may not make it to the global version of BDO.

Source: https://www.kr.playblackdesert.com


A New Launcher

▲ An example of how the log-in from the launcher will look. (Actual design may be different when released on May 30th.)
▲ Announcements, Updates, Events, and Community features are far easier to access and navigate with the new launcher.


Improved Convenience

• You will now be able to accept and take silver/items that are attached to your mail even if you're not in a 'safe zone'.

"You've probably made a number of long journeys to get to a 'safe zone' to claim items and silver attached to mails that you've received. Starting May 30th, you'll be able to claim items even when you're in a combat zone! We'll continue to take feedback from the users and make improvements on features that may come off as 'inconvenient'."

• Patrigio's item pool will change.
"Patrigio was a popular NPC that sold rare items that players otherwise would've had a hard time obtaining. However, with items' rarity value changing throughout the course of time, fewer and fewer people have been visiting Patrigio's shop. Starting May 30th, Patrigio awaits your visit with new, rarer items!"

No more campsites in world boss combat zones
"A fight with a world boss requires full concentration from the player, as the slightest mistake can mean death. Sometimes, however, that concentration is broken by a random campsite located in the boss arena. In the coming update, we'll make it so that no campsites can be established in those areas.


Shakatu Seal Season 2 Will Begin.

"To give you guys a more meaningful, and worthwhile goal, we've redone the Shakatu Seal rewards. We're also preparing an event for any players who have Season 1 Shakatu Seals remaining, so stay alert!

• How to obtain Season 2 Shakatu Seals: Just like the season 1 seals, you can get them through attendance rewards and events.

 The following is a list of the tradable items that you can claim with Season 2 Shakatu Seals.

# of Seals Claimable items
10 * One +5 Granverre's horse equipment of your choice.
* [Event] Chest of Gold (Unlocking the chest will give you a random gold bar weighing between 1kG ~ 10kG.)
30 * PRI: Ogre Ring
* Epheria Sailboat
* One 'Epheria Sailboat Accessory' of your choice.
* One 'Epheria Frigate Accessory' of your choice.
50 * One Krogdalo's horse equipment of your choice.
* A T8 Horse. (Will have S: Instant Accel)
* One 'TRI: Geranoa' accessory of your choice.
100 * +100 Advice of Valks
* TRI: Tungrad Ring
* TRI: Tungrad Earring
120 * TRI: Tungrad Belt
* TRI: Tungrad Necklace
* A 'TRI: Manos' accessory of your choice.
* Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon
* Main Weapon Exchange Coupon
* Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupon

※  These items are not final. The tradable items claimable through Season 2 Shakatu Seals may see change on release. Players will be notified ahead of time if that's the case. 

- From May 30th to June 30th, you can collect up to 53 additional Season 1 Shakatu Seals by completing event challenges. 
- If you have less than 30 Season 1 Seals remaining, don't worry. You'll be able to exchange 1 seal for 5 Cron Stones after the update. 

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    level 1 Paul_Roggan

    thanks for the translates :D

    could you post a comprehensive article about the current state of lifeskill mastery in kr?
    like: are the droprate increases additive or multiplicative with the current droprate?
    were there any major nerfs for example on trees with the caphras rates? or sharps/hards?
    what is the current average you can expect on caphras and base items in kr / hour with different activities?
    are only the base items affected or also other drops? for example rough stones from any kind of stone?
    is the max 5% increase on pricefishes while fishing actually noticeable?

    thank you!

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