[Press Conference] TL Cain, CoreJJ, and Impact's Thoughts on This MSI


On May 19th (KST), Team Liquid lost to G2 Esports in the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Finals. Although they displayed solid performance in the Semis against IG, they failed to play up to the fans expectations in the Finals. After the match, the TL crew gathered up in the press room for a post-match interview. There, we had the chance to talk with the 3 Koreans performing in TL. The following interview with Cain, CoreJJ, and Impact is from the post-match press conference for this 2019 MSI Finals. 

(to Cain) How would you rate today's series? 

Today we underperformed and I think I'm the one who's responsible. It's a pity that my players underperformed. In order to perform better in the Rift Rivals and Worlds, we'll have to practice in a more organized way and widen our champion pool. We learned a lot in this MSI. 

I think the gap between teams has closed down. Since EU won this MSI, I believe that they're the ones who adjusted well in this meta. If NA can catch up with the creative meta [that EU displayed] or if we can make our own meta, NA has a chance of winning. 


(to CoreJJ) Did you expect that G2 would snowball this fast? Why do you think the team lost 3:0? 

G2 is a very creative team so it's hard to anticipate how they'll play. The opponent focused on the bottom lane and we fell for it. 


(to Impact) What are your thoughts on this Finals? 

This was my second Finals stage since the 2013 Worlds Finals. I am frustrated that we've lost but what's more frustrating is that we lost too easily. I thought in game 2, we did have the chance to show our strengths inside the game but we were hasty and couldn't perform well. 

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