[KR Reactions] G2 vs. SKT MSI Semifinals: "NA vs. EU Finals? That's unheard of?"



An NA vs EU finals! That’s Unheard of!



???: They’re teleporting! Stop Baron!!!! STOP BARON!!!!!


This is just a Clid one-man-team. If Clid comes off well, win, if he’s down, lose. There are no variables from the laners.


Don’t say Khan is good, or that he’s strong in lane. He farmed the same as Pyke using Kennene.


G2 was really good from the picks & bans to the plays. SKT, you did well, too.


The last Baron call was irrational. It was worth attempting? Lissandra had TP, Galio had ult, and Pyke is so quick, and Syndra was alive. It was a really bad decision. I was watching and saying that they shouldn’t try Baron… And they lost.


Nothing changed from ‘15. They think Syndra is mid as soon as she’s locked in. LOL

└ How the hell can you predict that? The problem was that Khan did only half and half against Pyke which made him go wild.

└ Anyone can talk after seeing the results. If they didn’t pick LeBlanc, Syndra would have gone mid. If that happened, you would be saying, why didn’t they pick LeBlanc?

└ Yeah, 100 out of 100 would have thought it was mid Syndra.


Since they told Kingzone who was the runner up to come back to Korea squat-walking, SKT should come back swimming.


Why does SKT have a picks & bans coach? It was the most ineffective picks & bans in the history of LoL. Especially the Akali in Game 2. This was so shocking…

└ Yeah, and Ryze too.

└ LOL. The laners suck, so how can you come up with a good draft? They get licked whatever he gives them.

└ Syndra going bot was insane. G2 players have such a wide pool of champions.


???: SKT of a Bo5 is different. (Actually said this…)


I’ll let you laugh with three words. “SKT of Bo5”

└ “International stage SKT”


Since Perkz is originally a mid laner, they picked Syndra to bring out LeBlanc, and countered with Lissandra. Insane draft.

└ But LeBlanc wasn’t even the best in that comp. Why the hell did they pick her?

└ This was really awesome.


Did Khan ever prove himself in an international stage? As a result, Khan was the weakest part of the team.


EU really did become strong. The draft was awesome, but their macro was also extremely smart.


Why are we the ones always following the meta and champions…


So they had a big mouth, acting as if they had a spot reserved in the finals but were destroyed by G2.

└ What to do with the people saying have Faker meet Doublelift again as if they’re already at the finals…

└ 3 consecutive losses to G2 LOL

└ They must not have done any feedback about top Pyke…


The last match proved that picks and bans are also big strategy.


But don’t you think this is snowballed from iG picking TL? If it was the other way around, iG and SKT would have met at the finals.


[Today’s MSI 5.18] Doublelift kept his promise, but ‘tears’ wasn’t able to.


The problem is, I can’t think of any team that can beat that SKT in the LCK summer season.

└ I think we’re just the 4th placed league now.

└└ Let’s say 3.5th along with LPL.


How long has it been since NA vs EU finals? LOL

└ Fact) Not how long… It’s the first ever in history.


The biggest question: What would be more fun, G2 or TL winning?

└ Don’t you think it’s time that Doublelift held the trophy?

└ Obviously TL.

└ I wish TL wins. They have CoreJJ, Doublelift, and Impact.

└ I want to see NA winning.


Clid is the culprit. He should have knocked Zefa, Faker, and Khan’s head with his keyboard when he saw Viktor Sylas locked in in Game 4.

└ If he actually did that and said that these guys wanted to play Viktor, he would have gotten a standing ovation.

└ He should have borrowed a bat from Ambition to smack them.


Perkz seems really talented. He plays Heimerdinger, and any champion at bot…

└ And he isn’t even under average at all those champions.


LCK should research a lot of innovative picks too. From groups and the semis… Losing to G2 was not just because of prowess, they didn’t know how to deal with those picks.

└ Yeah, G2 knew what SKT would bring out, but it was impossible to predict G2’s picks, and never played against those joker picks.


???: I thought of playing against TheShy, not Wunder.


Rather than saying SKT did bad, isn’t it G2 was really well-prepared? They were demolished with the Sona-Taric comp but their face didn’t change a bit. Seeing that, I thought that they had many cards prepared for today… But I never thought they would pick a non-ADC that doesn’t have an escape skill. They might even pick Heimerdinger at the finals now.

I only watched LCK and LPL. We should have been watching LEC. LOL

└ So true. Asia sucks.

└ LEC and LCS has Korean commentary. It’s really fun.

It’s just that G2 prepared so well. It seems that Perkz practiced Syndra so much even if he’s an ADC. He was so good at hitting those stuns in teamfights, take up CS during laning, and his stopwatch was so well timed too.

└ He used to be a mid u idiot.

└ Didn’t you watch Worlds last year?


[Breaking News] Deft picks bot Syndra in solo ranked LOL


So, up to how many punches can Clid hit his teammates and get away with it?

└ About 35 per person.

└ I would say innocent even if he injures them that need treatment for a whole year in the hospital.

└ On that Rek’Sai game, he would be innocent even if he kills them all.


Perkz seems like an upgrade of Viper.

└ He’s really good at ADCs, and even awesome at Draven which is known as the most difficult ADC.

└ Since a world-class mid transitioned to ADC, his non-ADCs are so scary.

└ Yeah, not even a mid that was just decent, he was one of the best mids in EU.


To come to think about it, the reason Bang isn’t doing well in NA is because NA is either the best or 2nd best league…

└ CoreJJ was conserving his strength in a lower league to explode in the higher one.


G2 Game 5 was awesome from the draft. Except for Game 1, G2 won the draft massively. It seems that their coaching staff prepared so much.


Isn’t Caps really young? He’s a prospect that can become the world’s best mid. He wasn’t too good at the last Worlds.

└ What did you watch last Worlds? He pounded on everyone except Rookie.

└└ He lost to Jensen.

└└ And he didn’t seem to be shining too much but at this MSI, he was shining in every single match.


After seeing the draft in Game 5, I wanted G2 to win.

└ What I wanted was they need to learn a lesson by losing to such a flexible strategy, have feedback, and win at Worlds after learning.


If the current LCK which has a slow change of strategy and with the macro that always aims for the late game is regarded as the best league, I thought there would be no improvement ever. As for G2, their strategy was delightful from the picks and bans.

└ That style draft is impossible even if they know it. It’s just possible because it’s Perkz.


Is it that foreign leagues are better now or is it that Korea became worse?

└ Both.

└ Yeah, NA and EU have improved by analyzing strategies, but Korea doesn’t even invest… China bought out kids that have good mechanics with money, but they also were shown how it’s done.


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