G2 Caps: "I think we're living in a weird world where we have to take down SKT to face Team Liquid."

On the 18th (KST), G2 Esports brought down SK Telecom T1 3-2 in the semifinals of the 2019 Mid Season Invitational. Following the Team Liquid 'upset' over Invictus Gaming, G2 also upset SKT and brought a first NA vs EU finals in an international competition in League of Legends esports history. After the match, Caps was interviewed by Candice.

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

Candice: Can you say a few words to the audience?

: I want to thank you guys, you were cheering so much for us even when we were losing. We were 1-2 down in the series, but I was able to hear the crowd cheering for us when I came up on stage, so thank you guys!

Candice: This was an insane series, why do you think you were so strong to SKT today?

: I'm not really sure what exactly happened, but I think we just had some really good preparation. Although some of it didn't work, but in the end, the game 5, we had a very weird comp but it ended working. So I think it's because of the creativity.

Candice: You had Lissandra and Syndra in Game 5. Is that because you and Perkz are in the same team?

Caps: Yeah, we've been playing a lot of AD carries, and when we got into Game 5, Perkz was saying if he gets a mage, it's a free win. So we gave Perkz a mage.

Candice: The analysts were saying Akali, Ryze, or Sylas are too OP or broken. What's your opinion on that? Is Caps OP or the champions OP?

: I think the champions are kind of OP, that's why we banned them a lot, right? I think a lot of mid champs are really strong right now. Obviously, I'd love to say I'm also really OP thinking I was playing against Faker.

Candice: You'll play against Team Liquid tomorrow in the finals. What's your thought on that, who's better, NA or EU?

: Umm... (Laughs) So I think we're living in a weird world where we have to take down SKT to face Team Liquid... We were really excited for the matchup against iG because they beat us so many times, we want revenge. And we're going to make TL regret beating iG.

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